Hublot Morphosis Safe from Doettling

Image: luxatic

The latest collaboration between Hublot and Doettling has produced an iPad controlled Morphosis watch safe. Made from steel, the safe has a matte black exterior and interior panels created from carbon fiber or an optional high-grade Hublot rubber.

Hublot previously joined forces with JMC Lutherie to create a limited edition Soundboard and now the Swiss luxury watch brand has partnered with designer watch cabinetmaker to produce the Morphosis safe. Controlled via iPad, the safe is targeted toward watch enthusiasts and costs $204,644 per unit.

The Hublot-Morphosis cabinet features a sleek design including a matte black exterior. On the inside where the watches are placed, the safe features panels are made out of carbon fiber or if preferred a high-grade Hublot rubber. The iPad dock is located on the top of the safe and Doettling has made sure that the port matches the overall aesthetics of the unit.

The inner tube has two panels, which can hold 21 watches each. The safe is protected by a security code and information about the watches can be access through the iPad. The user can control functions such as direction, turns per day, sleep mode, boost mode for speed winding and pausing.

If the customer wishes, there is an option to add extra drawers for storing jewelry and even include a more advanced security system.

Source: Born Rich