Haute Time Presents: Eric Loth of Graham Watches At Basel World 2012

At Basel World 2012, I had the chance to meet with Eric Loth, CEO of Graham watches and got an inside look at the four timepieces the brand was debuting this year.

Eric Loth founded Graham watches 15 years ago and describes the company as a “product brand” not a “marketing brand,” specializing in unique movements and designs. The new line includes the Chronograph Chronofighter, inspired by World War II and made from carbon. The timepiece also includes a cool start/stop lever on the side and is priced at $6,500 Swiss Francs.

The next timepiece Eric Loth shared with me was the first ever Diver that is usable as a Chronograph down to 2,000 feet. The price point of this strong, limited edition piece (only 200 made) is $15,750 Swiss Francs.

The new Graham Tourbillon piece was created with the goal of making a tourbillon chronograph automatic that is also shock proof. Fine, complicated  tourbillons are very difficult to make so strong, but Graham has figured it out and all vibrations are absorbed within this timepieces. It retails in the mid $70,000 Swiss Franc.

The last piece we discussed was the 1695, which appeared to be the simplest watch but it took Eric Loth four years to develop. The solid back has a special engraving design and a small space where you can see the rotor and balance.  The 1695 is priced at $6,500 Swiss Francs.

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