Gavin Rossdale, Gordon Ramsay, and A T-Rex Walk Into A Gallery…

Photos (starting at top left – right): Susan Michals below the T-Rex; T-Rex and guests; Rick Rifle, Kristin Casey, Denise Weaver, Demos Armeniades; T-Rex again for scope; guests take in the show; Gavin Rossdale and guest; artist Sage Vaughn and guest.

Last night at Lazarides Gallery on Beverly Drive was the first solo show of English artist Jay Jay Burridge and the last show in Lazarides’s temporary Beverly Hills space. Over 1,000 people including Gordon Ramsay, Sex Pistol’s Steve Jones and Gavin Rossdale (sans wife Gwen Stefani) came out to see a plethora of dinosaurs – from Burridge’s point of view – made out of industrial packing materials.