Do You Believe in Magic?

Detailed customer service is also something that Martin Perri Interiors take very seriously. Since the company handles projects across the United States, the design and business teams work together to take care of logistical matters that come with the renovation, such as processing orders, following up with factories, and any other challenges that may arise along the way. They ensure that their clients are 100 percent satisfied throughout the entire process. That results in the best type of new client—referrals.

The successful list of clientele includes an extensive number of professional athletes. “I have a great amount of respect for how hard these athletes work and the discipline it must require to maintain their schedule,” Mitchell says. “I have learned how to manage my project meetings around season schedules, condense a six-hour presentation into 68 minutes, and be ready to travel to them on a moment’s notice.”

So when a celebrity MLB pitcher wanted to create a unique place in his home where he could relax, entertain, and display his cherished sports memorabilia, he turned to Martin Perri Interiors. The designers created the jaw-dropping Fireball Lounge, which was entirely customized with five flat-screen televisions and a bar with three beers on tap. This finished home was featured on MTV’s Cribs, a show that highlights some of the more unique and impressive celebrity houses.

The remarkable portfolio of work the company has completed continues to grow, with every new project transcending the last. Whether you need the professional guidance to design a custom residence or to enhance a room in your current home, it starts with Martin Perri Interiors. And, as they say, they will “take you from dreaming to living.”