The New Lotus 2010 Evora

Having won 79 Formula 1 Grand Prix races, seven Formula 1 Constructor’s Championships, and sports car races around the world too numerous to count, Lotus has grown into a top global brand responsible for developing some of the world’s most successful racing cars and finest, most beautiful and engaging road cars.

Sports cars evoke emotion through their flowing designs, high-performance driving dynamics, and acceleration. There is usually a high price to pay in terms of comfort, functionality, and efficiency to enjoy them. These are the trade-offs for driving your dream and looking fabulous while doing so.

However, the new 2010 Lotus Evora will forever change this impractical perception of sports cars. As the world’s only mid-engine, 2+2 vehicle (two small back seats in addition to the two front seats), the Lotus Evora is a rare mixture of extravagance and sensibility. Its unique construction combines high-performance, telepathic handling capabilities, and handcrafted luxury with comfort, convenience, and practicality.

With only 3,046 pounds to haul around—more than 300 pounds lighter than a comparably equipped Porsche 911—the Evora’s 276 horsepower 3.5-liter V6 engine and six-speed manual transmission can motivate it from zero to 60 mph in as little as 4.8 seconds and up to a top speed of 162 mph. With its dramatic, low, wide and sleek, mid-engine supercar exterior styling, the outside certainly screams sports car. Inside, the handcrafted premium leather seats and genuine machined aluminum panel surfaces and switchgear perfectly complement the contemporary exterior and provide the driver and passengers an elegant environment to enjoy their drive in. With assisted power steering, an adjustable steering wheel, and ergonomically positioned controls, the Evora creates optimal comfort and performance that even less-skilled drivers will be able to maximize.

The Evora is also surprisingly fuel-efficient for a car of its performance capabilities, returning an EPA-rated 27 mpg on the highway. Other features include an available 7-inch touch screen multi-media system with removable satellite navigation and a state of-the-art audio/video sound system complete with iPod connector, Bluetooth, and an optional reversing camera.

Starting at $72,990 without the rear seat or $73,500 with it, the Lotus Evora is handcrafted in England with no more than 2,000 manufactured each year, adding a great amount of exclusivity to owning what Car Magazine called 2009’s Performance Car of the Year. Whether you’re planning to hot-lap the Evora around the Nürburgring or simply drive it to the golf course (the spacious trunk can fit a full set of golf clubs), the new 2010 Lotus Evora will give you a comfortable yet pure sports car driving experience you can’t find in cars costing much more.