Loewe Is The Latest Luxury Brand To Make Its Move To East Hampton

Loewe Is The Latest Luxury Brand To Makes Its Move To East HamptonPhoto Credit: Brett Beyer

On the heels of its Sag Harbour pop-up last summer, Loewe has officially opened its doors to a new store in East Hampton, New York. Drawing inspiration from the CASA LOEWE store concept by creative director Jonathan Anderson, the 3,000 sq ft space seamlessly intertwines art, craft, and fashion, presenting a harmonious fusion of the relaxed coastal vibe and refined elegance. There’s no denying that East Hampton has seen a massive boom in luxury brands returning for the summer or opening more permanent stores on Main Street, and Loewe serves as yet another testament.

The East Hampton boutique showcases the full women’s offering, featuring an array of ready-to-wear pieces, bags, small leather goods, accessories, shoes, eyewear, and more — and yes, that means the infamous tank top that has been everywhere this summer. As visitors step into the store, they are greeted by signature Loewe design elements infused with new, reusable components, reflecting the brand’s commitment to sustainability and intelligent visual expression.

Photo Credit: Brett Beyer

The interior design of the East Hampton store is an artistic marvel, thoughtfully blending the warmth and texture of hand-glazed Spanish tiles with cool expanses of concrete. The juxtaposition of these elements mirrors the coastal surroundings and sets the stage for a captivating shopping experience. In line with its sustainable ethos, Loewe features a modular system from Molo Design, showcasing intricate 100% recyclable paper soft blocks. These versatile blocks can be stretched, stacked, and arranged to create mesmerizing displays and shelving surfaces, making the store both an artistic spectacle and an environmentally conscious space.

Bringing additional splashes of color and artistry to the boutique are bespoke rugs, handwoven from natural fibers by talented Colombian women artisans. These rugs infuse the space with warmth and character, elevating the shopping experience to a new level of luxury. The East Hampton store also introduces Utrecht armchairs, designed by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld and upholstered in fresh fabrics, adding an element of sophistication and comfort. Black iron martini tables and ceramic podiums provide the perfect finishing touches, completing the inviting and welcoming atmosphere.

Loewe Is The Latest Luxury Brand To Makes Its Move To East HamptonPhoto Credit: Brett BeyerLoewe Is The Latest Luxury Brand To Makes Its Move To East HamptonPhoto Credit: Brett Beyer

Continuing Loewe’s tradition of integrating art into its stores, the East Hampton boutique showcases pieces from the brand’s global anthology of art, sculpture, furniture, and handcrafted objects alongside its exquisite fashion offerings. A highlight of the space is a pair of pots by Japanese straw artist and LOEWE Craft Prize 2018 finalist ARKO. These pots, created as part of the 2021 LOEWE x Sotheby’s project “Weavers,” are a testament to the brand’s dedication to celebrating traditional craftsmanship and bold artistic expression.

Loewe’s East Hampton store is not just a shopping destination but a captivating journey where fashion and art intersect. The unique blend of sustainability, artistry, and coastal elegance creates an inviting space that reflects Loewe’s timeless values and visionary approach to design. The store is located at 20 Main St, East Hampton, NY 11937.