Rodrigo Garduño Has Evolved 54D Into A Global Fitness Phenomenon

Rodrigo Garduño, the founder of the global fitness brand 54D, started 2023 with a bang: he officially opened 54D in one of the hottest fitness markets in the world, New York. With studios already in Mexico, Colombia, and Miami, among a growing presence in over 90 countries, Garduño has taken the fitness world by storm — with no signs of slowing down. It’s Garduño’s unique perspective on the human body and the ability to transform through physical, mental, and emotional boundaries that have truly set 54D apart in a rapidly evolving industry. Ahead, Haute Living sits down with Garduño to discuss everything from how he found his footing in the fitness industry to the New York opening and where he plans to evolve the brand.

Rodrigo Garduño Has Evolved 54D Into A Global Fitness PhenomenonPhoto Credit: Courtesy

HAUTE LIVING: How did you get started in the industry?
RODRIGO GARDUÑO: I was born and raised in Mexico City, where soccer is ingrained in every child’s upbringing. I had a strong liking for the sport and dedicated myself through constant practice from a young age. I  played many divisions and made it pro. 

When my professional soccer career ended, I found myself at a difficult crossroads.  My entire life revolved around soccer, and now that it had come to an end, I didn’t know what to do with myself. Going through that heartbreaking end inspired me to create a program that motivates others to show up as their best version of themselves.

I started the program in Mexico as a fitness program that would help people overcome their own limits in every aspect of their lives, and that’s how 54D was born. We now have physical locations in Miami in the Miami Design District and Coral Gables,  Mexico, and Colombia, and earlier this year, we opened our first studio in New York City. We also have an incredible online community of people from all over the world on our online program, 54D ON. 

HL: How is the concept of 54D different from other group fitness programs?
RD: We’re structured around four pillars: high-intensity training, nutrition, recovery, and community. It is rare for a fitness program to create such a comprehensive experience.

It’s a 54-day program that delivers results. Having a specific time frame allows people to track their progress. No one else is doing that at this level of personal attention. The program was designed to train both the body AND mind. The goal is for people to learn good habits, learn about nutrition and be able to take what they learn to their everyday lives. We are also very big on creating a community of people to support you on your journey. We want people to strive to be better than yesterday in every way and to feel like they have a community cheering them on their progress and success.

Rodrigo Garduño Has Evolved 54D Into A Global Fitness PhenomenonPhoto Credit: Courtesy

HL: Congratulations on opening in New York. Can you walk us through that?
RD: We saw a gap in the market and are on a mission to deliver this program to all corners of the U.S. – why not start with the city that never sleeps? We’re located at 125 W. 25th St., and our new space accommodates 120 members per cycle, with a maximum of 30 members per individual class.  Our NY studio is also offering a 2-week bootcamp program and provides a shorter version for anyone looking for structure in their fitness routine but might have a difficult schedule.  NYC has been a buzzing fitness town, and we are proud to deliver a new and different way to train and an improved way of life.

HL: What are some of your goals, and how do you plan to continue evolving the brand?
RD: We are focused on continuing to grow the brand and impacting lives around the world both through our in-person program and online platform. We are expanding to new U.S. markets, growing our online community with new products, and launching a supplements line.  And, of course, we’re excited to continue to leave a mark in NYC as more and more people discover how 54D can help them transform their bodies and mindset.