Loren Allred, The Nightingale Of “The Greatest Showman,” Is Finally Ready For The Spotlight. But Why Now?

Lored AllredPhoto Credit: Julian Roca-Chow


Best known for her jaw-dropping vocal performance in the multi-platinum song ‘Never Enough’ from the Oscar nominated and Grammy award winning The Greatest Showman soundtrack and film, as well as her duet with Michael Bublé on his 2019 ‘Help Me Make it Through the Night’, Loren Allred is now starting to garner significant recognition, stepping out from behind the curtain.

We sat down with Allred to talk about her rough American Idol audition with Simon Cowell, why appearing on The Voice, why she was always more comfortable behind the scenes, and why she’s ready to step into the spotlight now.

Loren AllredPhoto Credit: Julian Roca-Chow

Tell us a little bit about the focus of your new song, ‘I Hear your Voice.’

I was in a writing session in Nashville and my co-writer Ashely Monroe played a voice memo she’d been holding onto. The voice memo was simply ‘I Hear Your Voice’ and we started talking about some of the loss in our lives, and the idea that even though our loved ones are gone, we can still feel their presence. When I was writing, I specifically had my grandmother in mind. She left me voicemails telling me how proud she was of me, and to “put more videos on Youtube”. After she passed, I’d go back to listen to them when I missed her. And when I was working on the video, my director Roca-Chow asked if I’d be comfortable including some of them. I thought it would be the perfect tribute to my Nana.

You were the voice of the song ‘Never Enough’ in the movie The Greatest Showman. No one really knew that you were ‘the voice.’ Why not?

It’s funny because our job was to convince everyone that she was the voice! So in a way my anonymity meant that we did our job. Rachel and I worked together on recording ‘Never Enough’ so that I could sing with her same inflections and accent. The goal was to make it so that no one knew she was lip-syncing to my voice. When the song hit it big, I was making ends meet singing in a wedding band, doing reference vocals for songwriters and working at a coffee shop. I was just grateful for the success, and wasn’t thinking “I must connect my face to the song”. I was grateful to transition to being able to be a full-time musician for the first time in my life, as well as the near complete anonymity the situation allowed. Some might say that no one really knew because Rebecca and I did a great job making the lip sync seem realistic! The goal was to make it so that no one knew she was lip-syncing to my voice.

In the past I’ve read that you said you felt more comfortable behind the scenes. Why was that?

I’d felt like I’d had my shot to make it as a solo artist, and by that time I was working on demos for the greatest showman, I was ready to just enjoy music again. Being behind the scenes, you get to collaborate with people and the pressure isn’t all on you to deliver. I just wanted something simpler, and thankfully my step back led me forward.

Loren AllredPhoto Credit: Julian Roca-Chow

But now you’ve changed your mind. Why now?

Covid put everything into perspective for me. After not working for so long, I knew I had to put myself out there in a bigger way to make sure I can continue to sing professionally for the rest of my life. One key part of sustaining this career is having some level of recognition, and I had to get over the fear of losing some anonymity. As a naturally private person, I’m so glad I had the time to come to that decision on my own. Before I competed on Britain’s Got Talent, people were coming up to me saying “WOW, you sound like the woman in the movie”, and then I’d explain to them that it was me. Even after explaining it, I’d find that people didn’t get it. Although some people were in the know, it felt like “Never Enough” was my secret and eventually knew that if I didn’t want to risk living with regrets, I needed to attach my face to the song.

How was it to perform again for Simon Cowell on Britain’s Got Talent. You performed for him when you auditioned for American Idol and he was not your biggest fan.

Surreal and nerve wracking! Walking onto that stage I knew there was so much on the line for me personally and for my career. I was asking myself all the questions…What if he doesn’t like me again? What if I cracked? What if I tripped or fell walking onto the stage? Will I embarrass myself? I always say, it felt like I was living the scene in “The Greatest Showman”. I am so glad it’s on video because I more or less blacked out. I even stumbled through saying “The Greatest Showman” when I was talking with the judges before the performance. Thankfully, it was a beautiful moment and when the crowd stood up, I knew that it was the perfect time to connect my face to “Never Enough”. I’d beaten myself up about not doing it sooner, and it felt like all of the challenges of pursuing my career were worth it.

Did you feel triumphant?

I felt more proud than anything. I almost backed out of doing the show, but facing my fears and moving forward with it really changed my life.

You were also on The Voice. Do you credit that show for your success?

I don’t because they only showed two of my five performances. It was a great learning opportunity, but it really didn’t move the needle forward for my career. I came home from that experience and decided to pursue music behind the scenes.

Loren AllredPhoto Credit: Shervin Lainez

The show seems to have changed with its judges. Thoughts there?

I’m excited to see Reba join the judging panel! I watched her show every day after school, and I still sing the show’s theme song around the house all the time. She will bring such great energy to the show, and the contestants are all so lucky to be in the presence of a legend.

Do you still keep in contact with Adam Levine?

We haven’t spoken in quite a while, but he was always professional and friendly when working together. And he did congratulate me on the success of “Never Enough,” which was really nice.

You’ve worked with plenty of inspirational folks. Who gave you the best advice, and what was it?

When I was recording a duet with Michael Buble on his album, he told me that what’s most important in an artist is having a signature sound. That’s always stuck with me and I try to cultivate my voice every day, literally and figuratively.

What to you is the greatest luxury in life and why?

Travel! Being able to travel all over the world and experience so many different cultures is such a gift.