Shedding Layers This Summer With Nutriv’s Simplified Path To Wellness

“Healthy” is made easy with names like Nutriv, a lifestyle movement dedicated to streamlining our ascent to a balanced body, mind, and spirit with their comprehensive supplements. The truth is that much of our wellness profile is rooted in the most unassuming terrain, namely our brain health and our diet. Culturally, we are witnessing a renaissance in what it means to be healthy, and brands like Nutriv are reminding us that it’s not always about leg day and that more is, in fact, not more. Officially introduced in 2020 as SmartProtein, Nutriv is addressing the issue of “over-supplementation” by offering a simplified solution to our busy schedules that checks all of the necessary boxes, and then some.

The company’s flagship product (and its eponymous namesake) took the wellness community by storm during its initial launch, surprising consumers with its inclusive recipe for brain health and body sustainability. The SmartProtein blends are available in vanilla or chocolate, and despite a compact palette of flavors, these vegan powders allow for optimal personalization to fit even the most unique lifestyles. Nutriv designed these supplements for on-the-go wellness and are meant to be enjoyed anytime any place. For many consumers, the pursuit of wellness itself is a taxing journey that can appear daunting to the untrained eye. There is an overwhelming amount of information available online and thousands of products on the shelves that claim to know the exact roadmap required for your body specifically, yet many of them fall short of accessibility and inclusion. Nutriv empowers the individual to elevate their every day through simple steps that make a big impact, choosing to lead with transparency and honesty rather than deception or “fluff”.

Today, Nutriv embodies a lifestyle that propels the driven generation into a new realm of self-supporting fitness, which is defined not only by the strength of your body but the endurance of your mind, too. One of the most compelling ingredients in Nutriv’s signature powders is nootropics, which are naturally occurring brain boosters.  These are also commonly found in green tea leaves, dark chocolate, and spinach. These cognitive heroes work to improve brain health, focus, and stimulation next to Nutriv’s other natural ingredients like cinnamon, chia seeds, and pea protein. On the company’s website, a detailed education platform serves the curious consumer who wants to learn and understand what they’re putting into their bodies which, in all honesty, is the most important thing you can do for yourself.

At its core, the goal of Nutriv is to educate individuals to take control of their health and put the power of wellness in their own hands. Above all else, it’s a lifestyle choice. For this reason, Nutriv’s protein blends are a broad-spectrum choice that leads with inclusivity and adaptability. To curb our society’s codependence on over-supplementation, Nutriv recommends no more than four servings per day, which can be easily integrated into breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With summer just around the corner, our schedules are bound to be stacked high and our bodies deserve the reinforcement required to make the most of a sun-soaked season. Nutriv effectively removes the guesswork and clutter of sustaining our mind and body wellness through streamlined strategies and a strong sense of community, building on camaraderie and the pursuit of personal growth and development.

Written in partnership with Enclave & Key