Mina Habchi On How She Has Built Her Personal Style

Meet Mina Habchi, the fashion and lifestyle influencer who’s breaking the mold with her unique approach to style. Mina’s oversized, boyish yet feminine looks have captured the attention of thousands of followers on social media, making her a rising star in the fashion world. As the founder of niood, an online fashion and lifestyle magazine, Mina continues to inspire others to embrace their personal style.

Mina’s journey into the world of fashion began when she started sharing her love for clothing on social media platforms. Her fresh take on fashion quickly gained traction, and she has since become a sought-after influencer in the industry. Mina’s style philosophy revolves around comfort and individuality, which is evident in her choice of clothing.

“I love feeling comfortable in my clothes, especially when I’m not attending fashion weeks or red carpet events where glamorous gowns are the norm,” Mina says. “On a daily basis, I’m very boyish, cool, and comfy.”

Oversized blazers and cargo pants are staples in Mina’s wardrobe. She’s also a fan of low-rise oversized jeans, which she finds comfortable and effortlessly stylish. Mina’s love for comfort extends to her preference for a surfer look, with tie-dye XXL t-shirts, sneakers, and bucket hats. Mina enthusiastically shares, “My favorite t-shirt brands include Unknown UK and Atlal from Galbi. I’m also obsessed with basic tank tops – Prada and Loewe tanks are the Rolls-Royce of tank tops, haha!”

Mina also shares a few tricks for achieving her signature oversized look. “I’m usually a size 36, but I buy jeans in size 42 so they fit the way I want them to – low-rise and large,” she reveals. To elevate her style for an evening out, Mina adds high heels, fitted tops, a touch of sparkle, and a few pieces of jewelry.

Her preferred jeans brands are Loewe and Levi’s, which she believes provide the perfect balance of comfort and style. These little tips help Mina create her distinctive boyish yet feminine aesthetic, proving that oversized clothes can be sexy and stylish.

Mina Habchi has a unique sense of fashion that incorporates both modern and vintage styles. She loves shopping for vintage clothes and accessories, such as Tom Ford for Gucci bags, vintage Versace heels and shirts, and John Galliano for Dior saddle bags. She also likes to mix and match various vintage tops with her modern outfits to add a touch of history to her overall look. Mina’s vintage collection is a testament to her appreciation for timeless fashion pieces, and it shows that even vintage items can be incorporated into contemporary styles.

In conclusion, Mina Habchi is a fashion and lifestyle influencer who is redefining femininity with her oversized and boyish yet undeniably feminine style. Her passion for comfort and individuality has made her a standout in the fashion world, and as the founder of niood, she continues to inspire others to embrace their unique sense of style. As Mina so aptly puts it, “You can still be sexy as a woman wearing oversized clothes!”

Written in partnership with TedFuel