Qubii Duo Is The Modern Convenient Backup Device Parents Adore


Photo Credit: retailer

Sandwiched between a phone’s charging block and a power cord sits a unique product called Qubii Duo, that makes managing storage a whole lot easier. Plug in the phone and automatic backup is prompted immediately, saving photos, videos, and other specific content.

The Qubii Duo is a next-generation ultra-fast charging backup cube that backs up your mobile data automatically without using the cloud! Charge your phone and back up to your local micro-SD card simultaneously, all while using your phone as it runs in the background. You can even manage your storage via a phone application that’s compatible across iOS, Android TM, Windows, and Apple OS devices. It’s a must-buy and here’s why.

Using cloud storage services can be stressful. Not only that but it is becoming increasingly insecure some would say. What exactly are you signing off on nowadays when you hit “Accept and Continue” on Cloud Storage T&C forms? Where is my data going? Who can see it? These are just a few questions that come to mind. After all, no one wants to run the risk of being hacked. Or even just the chance of having an ‘oops moment’ where the items disappear without having a clue why.

Parents and everyone alike are taking more and more photos by phone, and relying on the limited storage a device comes with. Thousands of photos of kids, loved ones, or even seemingly random screenshots fill up that space quicker than you’d think. When that “not enough storage” notification pops up, cloud and offline storage are the main methods people turn to stretch the capacity. With digital photos containing countless memorable moments, it’s even more important to keep them safe.

Not to worry. The Qubii Duo supports a wide variety of functions for backup. Even social media photos can be downloaded and managed from within the app.  It has you covered wherever your information is stored regardless of whether that is on third-party services or your phone’s local applications. You can also manage your storage and that of multiple other devices seamlessly with the Qubii App (compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Apple OS devices). Qubii does not collect any personal information from you at all! The database is intentionally offline and secure. The only data they do collect is your name and email address. Nothing else. That’s it! Qubii takes data security very seriously and has even added password protection to encrypt both your Qubii app and micro-SD card for added security.


Now you might be thinking, where’s the catch? Where’s the monthly subscription that’s going to rinse my bank account dry? There isn’t one. No monthly subscription. Qubii understands the value of empowering individuals to take control of their data and believes that such control should not come at a price.

In summary, the Qubii Duo is smart, portable, and effortless to use. Its award-winning smart automatic backup system, extensive storage, and two-factor authentication features make it an essential next-generation product in the ever-growing world of consumer electronics. It even comes with a one-year warranty, so you’re covered no matter what. Take control of your data and keep the precious photos of your memories preserved with the Qubii Duo.

Written in partnership with Ascend