Jessica Sepel’s Staple JSHealth Vitamins Will Keep You Feeling Holistically Healthy At the Top of the Year


The holiday season comes with a plethora of joy and fun, but can also be a time when a little extra self-care is required since it’s often such a busy period and typically also includes indulging in food and drinks. While there’s nothing wrong at all with adjusting your typical routine during this time of year, it’s important to focus on incorporating nourishing practices that will help you feel your best following the holidays at the top of 2023. A fresh start can feel daunting, but also exciting, and thanks to JSHealth Vitamins, you can easily integrate products into your routine that will keep up your energy and immunity, and leave you feeling rejuvenated, both inside and out as 2023 kicks into full gear.

Clinical nutritionist, three-time best-selling author, and founder of JSHealth Vitamins, Jessica Sepel, advocates for the transformative power of nutrients. From watching her grandparents diligently care for their bodies by taking vitamins, Jessica became intrigued with nutrition at 15. Propelled by her passion for health + vitamins, determination to overcome struggles surrounding fad diets, and on a journey to find self-love, Jessica formally studied nutrition. From there, she became dedicated to cultivating formulas that offer targeted solutions to common problems, such as bloating, menopause, and anxiety – just to name a few. Each formula is tailored with a specific dose of ingredients to ensure results. What was once a $40k investment has transpired into a business with a $426 million valuation and a global presence.

Jessica shares her insight with us on how to stay holistically healthy and keep control over your wellness goals during the end of the year, because why wait until 2023 to activate your goals and change your mindset?

What formulas do you find are the most popular during December/the holiday season?

This is the season that people really turn to the products to support confidence and help them feel good. Some of our top holiday season formulas are:

Skin + Digestion – Inspired by the gut-skin connection this is our global best-selling formula for inside-out beauty. It helps relieve symptoms of acne and pimples while supporting skin and gastrointestinal health… all in the convenience of one formula!

Our best-selling Detox + Debloat – a formula that supports liver detoxification and bloating. Great one during the silly season and afterward. 

Our Vitality X + Collagen Powder –  Our signature inner beauty powder, featuring Marine Collagen with 10 unique ingredients for skin health + vitality. The community adores this to keep their skin radiant at this time of year!

At the start of the year in January, what products do people tend to lean toward?

I love to encourage people to take care of their stress levels and liver support. 

People also love to invest in products that can support their energy and vitality. Some that I would recommend from the JSHealth Vitamins range include the AM+PM Dual Multivitamin for 24/7 support, the Detox + Debloat tablets, and our Anxiety + Stress formula.

How can someone get into a holistically healthy mindset during the holidays to really enjoy this time of year, while not sacrificing their overarching health?

The JSHealth philosophy is all about balance and building a wholesome relationship with food and your body. This is the time to let go of any diets and extremes. Restriction and deprivation usually backfire with overeating or binge eating during the holiday season.

If you embrace what we call “the healthy life” with balance, you can start to enjoy the benefits long term… for life! It’s really important we speak to ourselves with kindness this time of year and allow ourselves to indulge moderately without negative self-talk or guilt. Embrace making healthy choices where possible – whilst remaining kind and flexible. After all, joy is a nutrient too!

How long does it take to really start feeling the effects of the supplements, or is every formula different?

I love for people to invest in formulations for a 3-month period for optimal results. People usually start to see results on weeks 4-6, however, we really are so individual, and therefore individual results do vary. I always recommend that people consult with a health professional to ensure a supplement is right for them or for more detailed personal health advice. 

You’ve established such a strong base of celebrity and influencer fans of JSHealth Vitamins – what does this support and recognition mean to you?

It really means the world. We built a community before a company, and we built that by caring and being authentic. Stemming from this, the trust people feel in JSHealth Vitamins is the biggest compliment. Every single formula was developed with intent and science, to help our customers feel their best, and achieve the state of well-being and confidence they deserve. When you create a formulation based on care for your customers – you usually come up with an outstanding formula. The ripple effect of our global community is that our brand came to the attention of celebrities and influencers too. We are honored to have the support of all members of the JSHealth Vitamins community! 

What are some of your biggest goals and hopes for Q1?

To keep bringing out formulas that will truly help our community feel well, confident, and supported from both inside and out. We have lots of exciting things in store, so stay tuned!

Written in partnership with Tom White