Calling Women In Business Everywhere: The Girlboss Era Is Out And The #BeGossy Era Is Officially In

A term coined by author and entrepreneur Rebecca Perez, to #BeGossy means to live your purpose and embody success in all that you do. Perez is the founder of Goss Magazine, a platform where women can inspire, uplift, and learn from one another while changing what’s possible for women across America in the process.

When the term girlboss was popularized in 2014, it allowed women to demand far more visibility, opportunity and compassion from the corporate worlds they were a part of. The idea of being the one in charge of their individual success encouraged women to step up, find their voice and take charge of their careers in a way that hasn’t been seen before, during a time when gender-based stereotypes in the workplace were alarmingly high.

But being a girlboss quickly turned from inspiring to problematic, as it bred female rivalry and toxic competitiveness in the workplace. As a result of girlboss culture, women across America forgot their inherently nurturing, supportive, and gentle nature, in favor of pursuing their own success at the expense of others.

But that’s not the way it should be, and one inspiring entrepreneur is helping remind women of their divine purpose and power with a transformative platform that strays far away from toxic girlboss culture.

Rebecca Perez is the founder of Goss Magazine, and she encourages women to #begossy and lead with love and compassion in all that they do. Goss Magazine is a platform where women can form and inspire one another through storytelling and networking opportunities, as well as a publication that features extraordinary women in business that challenge the status quo and encourage others to do the same.

But what exactly does it mean to #BeGossy?

Being Gossy is about embodying success, in any which way it means best to you. If it means you slay at your corporate 9-5 job that you love, that’s great, or if it means that you start the business you’ve been putting off for a while, that’s amazing too! To truly be gossy, you have to believe in yourself, know what your purpose is and have the power to dedicate yourself to it with no excuses.

“To me, a woman who is in her power is a woman who is being gossy,” Perez says. “You can feel it when she walks into a room. You can tell she takes care of herself and she fully embodies who she is. She is a woman who follows her passions, and lives her best life without getting burnt out,” she continues.

Perez explains that being gossy doesn’t mean you have to work super hard, wear high heels, or sip $4 coffee every morning. Instead, it’s about who you choose to be on the inside. Having a strong work-life balance where you are able to make time for yourself and all of the things you love is key to #BeGossy.

It can be intimidating at first to step into a new role that requires you to walk on unknown territory, but as long as you know that following your passion and living your best life is something you deserve, you’ll be okay. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any challenges along the way, but it does mean that you’ll have a team of women behind you, rooting for you to succeed.

“Women from all walks of life and across all industries can relate to feelings of self-doubt,” Perez says. “It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in your industry or how much experience you have, it’s okay to feel that way as long as you continue to have a strong mindset,” she continues.

Helping women achieve their goals and master their mindset is a huge part of the work that Perez and Goss Magazine facilitate in the community, and there is so much value in knowing that we as women share a common experience. Instead of putting each other down to get ahead, we can work together, uplift one another, and rise to the top as a collective.

“I speak to so many amazing women from all of these different industries and they all teach me so many things. It’s so funny how you begin to notice that everything is so connected. You’ll talk to one person, and then another who is in a completely different walk of life, but it’s still the same. It always comes down to the same fundamentals, and I love learning that and sharing it with the community,” she concludes.

So if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to put your girlboss armor down and embrace your divine, nurturing energy as a woman and let it guide you to success. Time has shown that we don’t need to compete with one another in order to succeed. There’s a seat for all of us at the table, and if we work together, we can all eat together.

To learn more about Rebecca Perez, be sure to visit her on Instagram, and if you are interested in officially becoming Gossy, visit Goss Magazine’s website and sign up for a membership today. Doing so will give you exclusive access to networking events and opportunities where you can meet with other women in business, exchange knowledge, and manifest your dreams into reality.

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