Atri Makes, The World Takes: Sartoria dei Duchi Unveils New Custom Collection

Sartoria dei Duchi, an Italian menswear label, has undoubtedly made a name for itself with slick, high-end offerings. Established in 2017 by Piero Pavone, the company is gaining popularity due to its commitment to traditional Italian craftsmanship and high-quality, custom-made suits and shirts. The latest custom collection from the Atri, Italy-based brand has just been released, and it’s sure to be a hit with fashion-forward men worldwide.

Dukes of Tailoring

Sartoria dei Duchi is a proudly Italian brand inspired by the Dukes of Acquaviva, a noble family from the Italian region of Abruzzo. The Dukes of Acquaviva were renowned for their impeccable style and grace, and Sartoria dei Duchi has taken this timeless elegance and infused it into their stunning clothing designs.

Although born and raised in Atri, Pavone spent a lot of time traveling worldwide. He opted to return to his homeland and use his reputation to restore Atri’s reputation as a fashion capital. In particular, Pavone focuses on the tailor-made suit movement.

The Main Collection

Sartoria dei Duchi’s main collection is based on the Italian tailoring tradition known for its classic elegance. The master tailors and the high-quality fabrics they use – from the Loro Piana, Piacenza, and Caccioppoli collections – guarantee that customers will always look their best.


Acquaviva suits in pure worsted wool in the Super 170s, 200s, and 210s, are suitable for all seasons. It’s a two-button single-breasted jacket with a classic lapel and two back slits. The slim trousers present one pleat and are realized without a flap on the bottom. All buttonholes, pockets, garments, and finishes are handcrafted. This handmade suit is exceptionally comfortable and guarantees a flawless professional appearance.


Also known as the Prince of Wales suit, the slim trousers in this elegant and classy pattern do not have pleats. All buttonholes, pockets, garments, and finishes are made by hand by master tailors. This tailored suit is snug yet highly comfortable and perfect for business and formal occasions.


The Hadrianus suit has a double-breasted, two-button jacket with a peak lapel and no back slits. The slim pants are pleated on both sides. All buttonholes, pockets, garments, and finishes are crafted by hand. This suit is made with 100% pure wool by Loro Piana Textile and is available in Australis Super 150s, Wish 170s, Super 200s, and 210s.

This handmade, tailored suit is slim but comfortable. Depending on the accessories and the dress shirt, the Hadrianus can be suitable for business, formal, or elegant events.

Tuxedo Gualtiero

Gualtiero’s classic tuxedo is a one-button single-breasted jacket made entirely of Mohair Wool Worsted. It has a collar made of a black silk satin shawl and buttons also lined in silk satin. The jacket has no slits and follows the body’s shape, with buttonholes, pockets, undercollar, and other finishing touches pieced together by master tailors.

The trousers have slim black silk satin side bands with one pleat and internal suspender buttons, coming with a traditional tuxedo accessory, the black silk satin cummerbund.

Tuxedo Ferrante

The Ferrante is an elegant and modern tuxedo suit made of 80% wool, Super 130s, and 20% silk, and it is only worn to formal events.

The suit features a peak lapel in silk satin and classic pockets, with buttons lined with silk satin. The back of the jacket has two slits. Usually, tuxedos don’t have slits, but the Ferrante offers a more youthful and versatile version with a few minor changes.

The buttonholes, pockets, undercollar, and other finishing touches are all created by Italian tailors. This suit is both fitted and comfortable. Sartoria dei Duchi stylists recommend the sweet touch of a blue bowtie.

Instead of the traditional silk satin band, the Ferrante tuxedo suit features a trouser with a silk satin belt. The trouser boasts a slim fit with no pleats and internal suspender buttons.


The Berardo is a two-button single-breasted jacket with a peak lapel and two back slits, made with textile by Loro Piana, 95% wool, Super 170’s, 5% silk, and 210 gr/ml “Royal Wish.”

Tailors make all buttonholes, pockets, and garments by hand, then hand-finish them. This jacket is fitted but comfortable, making it ideal for business settings. Loro Piana textile, 48% cotton, 44% wool, 8% silk, and 200 gr/ml “Royal Wish” are used to make the trouser. The slim trousers have no pleats.


The Rinaldo is a two-button single-breasted jacket with a peak lapel and two back slits made of Loro Piana textile, 40% cotton, 37% wool, 23% silk, and 280 gr/ml “softtime.” This jacket is both snug and comfortable, making it ideal for work.

The slim trousers are made of Loro Piana fabric, 495 gr/ml “softtime,” which is 68% linen, 31% cotton, and 1% elastane. It has a durable material, is compact but functional, and is easy to wear for a denim look.


This sand-colored suit has a single-breasted jacket with two buttons, a classic peak lapel, two side patch pockets, and a classic breast pocket. This suit is perfect for the summer and is made with Loro Piana Textiles’ “Summertime” fabric, a light and fresh fabric composed of wool, silk, and linen.

The buttonholes, pockets, garments, and all finishes are handmade. This Italian-tailored suit is extremely comfortable and perfect for business occasions.

Sopra Visso

The Sopra Visso is a new suit model that recalls a vintage style, a timeless elegance, revisited in a modern way by our Italian master tailors to create a unique three-piece dress, made with a heavier wool of the highest quality, Loro Piana’s new 100% “Sopra Visso” Italian wool (340 gr/ml).

Loro Piana Textile has discovered a long-lost wool breed of sopra visso sheep, indigenous to Visso in Italy’s Sybilline Mountains. Sopra Visso was transformed into a suit fabric with traditional patterns in warm autumnal hues. This premium raw material, with a springy feel and a lively appearance, added an informal twist to the fabric.

The suit is made in 3 pieces, jacket, gilet, and trousers. All buttonholes, pockets, garments, and finishes are made by hand. This suit is snug yet extremely comfortable, making it perfect for business and everyday occasions.

Look good, feel great

Bespoke Italian tailoring is second to none when it comes to suits. Even though there are plenty of ready-to-wear options, a tailored Italian suit is worth the extra cost for one reason – they are well worth the investment due to their high quality, expert tailoring, and impeccable fit.

Pavone expounds, “The point of a bespoke suit is that there is no such thing as a universally identical suit. Every order is as one-of-a-kind as the individual who places it. The right body language can make or break a deal in a business meeting. Feeling good about ourselves causes a noticeable shift in how we come across to others. Wearing a custom suit makes you look and feel great and gives you the confidence and sophistication you deserve. At Sartoria dei Duchi, we aim to reflect this unique character.

The Sartoria dei Duchi team is hoping to replicate the success of their Dubai showroom and further promote the craftsmanship and comfort that Bespoke Italian suits provide by opening new locations in London, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore in 2023.

Written in partnership with Ascend