Mosaic of Memories: The Naples Pier Project With Emillions Art

Photo Credit: Cone Communications

Emillions Art partners with photo mosaic artist, Robin Austin to create an iconographic masterpiece of the Naples Pier while also restoring the community through strength and resilience. This project launches a meaningful community-wide initiative, “Mosaic of Memories: The Naples Pier Project.” How cool to launch an art-driven fundraiser to help restore the community and celebrate the strength and resilience of Naples in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. The project will benefit first responders locally as we work together to rebuild the pier.

The Naples-based art gallery and Robin Austin have infinite plans to create this masterpiece – an Iconographic masterpiece of the Naples Pier in a limited edition. This unique masterpiece will be created using thousands of photographs submitted by the Naples community to form mosaic “tiles” for this artwork.

“We will select one picture of the Naples Pier in its glory before the hurricane struck and recreate it using more than 2,000 photos submitted by residents that represent their best and happiest memories in and around Naples,” said Neil Pennington, Partner in Emillions Art. “We hope that this is something the local community can really rally around.”

An anticipated 102 limited edition prints (40 x 60) will be produced, with 80 of them being sold and 20 percent of the proceeds going to the Collier County 100 Club to support families of first responders post Hurricane Ian as well as for the City of Naples community restoration efforts, including the Naples Pier. Another 20 of the prints will be auctioned off at a public event with a floor price of $5,000 each and 100 percent of those proceeds going toward the cause. One commemorative work will be donated and presented to each the City of Naples for display at City Hall and the Naples Fire Department for display at their downtown site.

“Our first responders served heroically through the hurricane and so many of them lost everything themselves. They were the inspiration for this project,” said Marlissa Gardiner, Founder and Owner of Emillions Art. “Our other cause is the Naples Pier as no other place is as iconic of Naples as the Naples Pier. It is the heart of our community.” Through donations and tax support, the Naples Pier has and will forever remain the iconic heart of Naples.

The painstaking process of creating the artwork falls with Austin. A respected English artist, Austin is known for his photographic mosaic artwork and digital art which reflect his love and devotion to storytelling. Among those he has immortalized our cultural icons such as Mick Jagger, the Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and Nelson Mandela.

Located at 837 Fifth Ave. S., Suite 202. Those interested in purchasing a limited-edition print or making a contribution may visit