The 9 New SoCal Restaurants To Receive Michelin Stars In 2022


Photo Credit: Josh Telles

2022 was a big year for Los Angeles’ thriving culinary scene. Not one, not two, but nine restaurants were awarded with Michelin status. But which eateries were honored? Take a look at the winners below, as well as the restaurants that retained and lost stars this year.



Photo Credit: Jeni Afuso

715 (one star)
Hatchet Hall (one star)
Camphor (one star)
Caruso’s (one star, one green star)
Citrin (one star)
Gwen (one star)
Kato (one star)
Manzke (one star)
The Restaurant at Justin (Paso Robles, CA) (one star, one green star)
Sushi Kaneyoshi (one star)


Gucci OsteriaPhoto Credit: Gucci Osteria

Bell’s (Los Alamos, CA) (one star)
Gucci Osteria de Massimo Bottura (one star)
Hana Re (one star)
Hayato (two stars)
Kali (one star)
Knife Pleat (one star)
Maude (one star)
Mélisse (two stars)
Morihiro (one star)
N/Naka (two stars)
Nozawa Bar (one star)
Orsa and Winston (one star)
Osteria Mozza (one star, one green star)
Pasta Bar (one star)
Phenakite (one star)
Providence (two stars)
Q Sushi (one star)
Shibumi (one star)
Shin Sushi (one star)
Six Test Kitchen (Paso Robles, CA) (one star)
Sushi by Scratch Restaurants: Montecito (one star)
Sushi Ginza Onodera (two stars)
Sushi I-Naba (one star)
Taco Maria (one star)


VespertinePhoto Credit: Tom Bonner

Bistro Na’s (previously one star)
Cut (previously one star)
Le Comptoir (previously one star)
Mori Sushi (previously one star)
Pasjoli (previously one star)
Rustic Canyon (previously one star)
Vespertine (previously two stars)