These 15 Companies Are Catching Our Attention

BuildtoBlossom is a woman-owned online brand and marketplace for all stylish, eco-friendly products. They are a one-stop shop for home necessities such as furniture, decor, bath, beauty, skincare, activewear, clothing, and many more. The company’s founder has a media degree and has specialized in eCommerce and digital marketing for over a decade. BuildtoBlossom has a registered United States trademark and wants supporters to bring unique branded styles into their homes and everyday wear. All products curated to the BuildtoBlossom platform are sustainable as the company cares about sourcing products that do not harm the environment. The founders at BuildtoBlossom envisioned an online home for savvy consumers that want good products and care about the environment. They search and vet every individual supplier BuildtoBlossom works with to ensure they exceed their quality control standards. One of the co-founders has a background in construction, which is the perfect mix for the company’s strong design ethos. High-quality design is often lacking in eco-friendly eCommerce stores, and BuildtoBlossom wants to stand as the leading provider for customers seeking a full-on brand experience. BuildtoBlossom believes unique style and sustainability go hand in hand and is an active leader in disrupting the eCommerce space. By providing a worry-free shopping experience, this innovative company wants to stretch the gamut of expectations associated with the industry.


In the age of climate change and a global pandemic, the air we breathe is more important than ever. The World Health Organization found that 9 out of 10 people in the world live in zones where the air exceeds guideline limits of pollutants, and the combined effects of outdoor and indoor air pollution is found to cause about 7 million premature deaths each year. Statistically speaking, clean air is becoming a rarity. However, air purification company Molekule is on a mission to make it a reality. Molekule’s proprietary, patented Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) technology works with its PECO-HEPA Tri-Power Filter to combine HEPA and carbon filtration with the destroying power of its flagship and proprietary filter tech. Combined, it destroys the widest range of pollutants when compared to conventional filters. The company provides two primary air purifying devices, the Air Mini+ and the Air Pro, as well as a line of air filters. Both the Air Pro and Air Mini+ are FDA-cleared and have the technical capability to destroy airborne viruses including COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, and H1N1 flu, with destruction rates exceeding 99%. Molekule has been called ‘The Tesla of Air Purifiers,’ and has caught the attention of celebrities like Kate Upton, Derek Hough, Bobby Berk, and Ashley Graham. Molekule is bringing significant innovation to a historically stagnant air purification industry with an FDA-Cleared line of air purifiers, with a sleek, modern design. Air purifiers should be a centerpiece of any home, and Molekule’s signature cylindrical design is a modern classic to complement any home aesthetic. With vast scientific knowledge, high-end design, and a commitment to keeping indoor air safe for everyone, Molekule is blazing a new trail in the clean air space.

 Santa Cruz Medicinals

Santa Cruz Medicinals is a health and wellness company operating out of Santa Cruz, CA. They offer potent formulas that help people with sleep, pain, and overall personal wellness. Santa Cruz Medicinals cares about its product development. They have more recently been educating their audience about the influx of preservatives and toxic food additives in standard grocery store items. Their mission is to expose false narratives about popular phrases such as “eat low fat to lose weight” and help people understand proper health. Their products comprise a selection of protein powders, adaptogens, pain salves, and healthy fats. In 2017, after its founders decided to make healthy, affordable options that people could order right to their doorstep, Santa Cruz Medicinals was born. The company maintains an active social media presence, posting videos about the harmful ingredients found in grocery stores to spread health awareness. Their products are more potent and effective than traditional CBD suppliers. In addition, they use glass packaging for a clean product experience that separates them from the crowd. For its informative videos, Santa Cruz Medicinals has gone viral on TikTok numerous times. It has cultivated 180K followers after starting from zero in less than a year. Santa Cruz boasts a unique offering of products with goods to satisfy everyone in need of deep sleep or even pets. They use a wellness-based approach to supplement use and even host a trendy blog for customers interested in learning about unique health perspectives.


Cloud Paper is an eight-person startup based out of Seattle, WA, on a mission to end deforestation caused by single-use paper products. They specialize in sustainable bamboo-based toilet paper and paper towels. Cloud Paper chose bamboo because it’s a type of grass (not a tree), and is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world.  This ambitious startup squad hopes to lead the cultural shift away from environmentally-threatening throwaway papers and ultimately create a world where flushing trees down the toilet is a thing of the past. The Cloud Paper team’s eight members live in various locations across the United States, including Washington, Oregon, California, Texas, and New York. Their headquarters and warehouse, however, remain in its founding state, Washington. Initially, this company positioned itself as a B2B business and aimed to supply toilet paper for the retail and hospitality sectors. However, when the pandemic arrived and shuttered the hospitality businesses everywhere, Cloud Paper pivoted and began selling directly to consumers. Since their launch in 2019, and expansion into DTC in 2020, Cloud Paper has experienced tremendous growth. They keep sustainability at the center of every move they make, and in 2022 were ranked the most sustainable bamboo toilet paper on the market by the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council). Their momentum shows no signs of stopping as the company races to make environmentally-friendly bamboo toilet paper the new normal, and tree-based paper a thing of the past.


LINK X LOU is an innovative, one-of-a-kind experience-based brand that offers customers permanent, welded jewelry, custom-sized to fit your wrist, neck, ankle, or finger. This unique jewelry company began in April 2020 in Denver, CO, during the early days of our COVID pandemic after its founder sought to create permanent jewelry. “Getting Linked,” or the process of a trained Linker taking measurements to create sustainable 14k white and yellow solid gold products has helped its presence stand out despite having a recent launch. LINK X LOU uses a unique approach to selling products. The company hosts a wide variety of pop-up events and private parties geared toward its target audience. They sell high-quality permanent jewelry and plan on quickly becoming a leader in the space after expanding to more than 25 states and over 60 cities since its inception, all generated through word-of-mouth marketing. LINK X LOU also emphasizes community, as most of its work revolves around organic experiences and creating a distinctive 1-of-1 jewelry expression for each client. Customer satisfaction is a priority for this small business, ensuring the verification of all suppliers’ gold and equipment standards. Through personalization and a desire to connect and create at the highest level, Denver startup LINK X LOU looks forward to an optimistic future in the permanent jewelry sector.

World Change Coalition

World Change Coalition (WCC) is an online women’s clothing retailer created by the faithful promise of its founder to his mother. They produce women’s jeans and accessories, both of which are actively supporting breast cancer initiatives. Known for its popular “Cathy’s Jeans” product, the World Change Coalition wants to help support women with functional jeans that sustain comfort and contribute donations to non-profit cancer support groups. This philanthropic company aims to help young women of all ages from 18 and on, and as the WCC experiences growth, they plan on targeting retail outlets for immediate impact. After the founder of the World Change Coalition faced some tough conversations with his mother regarding her breast cancer, he decided to make a promise by combining insight from her experience with his background in economics. Founded in Denver, CO, on June 21st, 2021, WCC wants its audience to know that life is temporary. Facing a close one’s mortality can change the way you view the world, and while we are here, we should practice empathy to make the world a kinder and gentler place. The World Change Coalition isn’t so concerned with profits, more so making a change. Understanding that life is temporary, having empathy for others, and sustaining perseverance are core values for this inspiring company, which is keen on executing its mission. WCC’s logo is the fingerprint of its founder’s mother, stamping the genuine passion bestowed into the company. Paying it forward is also a priority here, as WCC wants to empower women living in cancerous situations. They donate to causes that directly impact women living with cancer, such as an organization that provides wigs that encourage women to continue to move forward. The World Change Coalition doesn’t want to run from the harsh realities of conditions like breast cancer but rather embrace them. While intense and often scary to live with, women should fight on to live their dream lives, and the World Change Coalition wants to support them.

Smilow Design, originally known as Smilow Thielle, is an authentic mid-century modern furniture company with a long track record of producing American-made designs that stand the test of time. The company initially began in 1949 and continued through the late 70s in New York City. Designed originally by founder Mel Smilow, it produced dining chairs and stools, lounge chairs and ottomans, benches, dining tables, sofas, platform beds, and lighting fixtures. In May 2013, Mel’s daughter Judy Smilow relaunched the company, also in New York, and her family continues carrying on Mel Smilow’s legacy by building and supplying high-quality American-made furniture with his timeless and understated designs to a contemporary audience. Smilow Design is a brand that produces mid-century-styled products for various environments, such as residential projects and select commercial projects such as wine bars and hotel suites in the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. An essential part of Smilow’s brand ethos is their belief that good design transcends trends and can work for numerous design interiors. Smilow Design delivers craftsmanship at the highest level, which has been the case since Mel Smilow started the brand in 1949.

Started in Phoenix, AZ, in 2015, Teaspressa is a patented tea that features ingredients similar to espresso. This similarity in the product comes from its inspiration from the full-bodied flavor and similar levels of caffeine, as well as the same impressive health benefits as tea. Teaspressa wants to innovate the beverage industry, giving customers an experiential approach that highlights its core values in every drink: innovation, intention, inclusion, and inspiration. This forward-thinking company remains the first and only emerging drink company that crafts a hybrid of tea and coffee, serving as a healthy alternative to traditional caffeine drinks. Teaspressa’s founder created the proprietary Tea Concentration Technology, which utilizes a pressure extraction method to produce drinks. This methodology creates tea blends used to make Tea Lattes or tea-based drinks that are on par with gourmet coffee beverages. This innovative drink curation strategy is the company’s own and has helped it quickly grow to become a trusted source in the recently popular niche. Its founder was in love with coffee and fond of tea but often faced some coffee-related issues. Teaspressa is the marriage between coffee and tea and is a trailblazer for the hybrid drink that offers unique health benefits. It is the only premium beverage that provides the best of the tea and coffee industries in the market.

Smith & Quinn

Smith & Quinn is an Annapolis, MD-based lifestyle and sports brand for women and men. The company specializes in designing collections to live in and wear at any time, whether night or day, style or comfort. Known for its S&Q Italian Matte Stretch fabric, a buttery soft flattering for any body type, wrinkle resistant, moisture-wicking, and machine washable product ingredient, Smith & Quinn creates pieces that intersect between art and fashion. They design easy pieces in the best fabrics and have an in-house designer that produces all the exclusive prints. Smith & Quinn provides customers with an upscale travel wardrobe and athleisure experience after being founded in 2014 by Kaeli Smith and rebranded to its current status. This growing lifestyle brand wants to support an active audience that prefers style and comfort while running errands, on the golf course, or heading to happy hour. No matter the event or circumstance, Smith & Quinn has you covered, with free shipping for orders over $250. The brand has also expanded from comfort athleisure wear to wedding collections featuring bridesmaid’s dresses, groomsmen’s ties, and pocket squares. No matter the occasion, customers can depend on Smith & Quinn’s high-quality products. Thanks to their innovative S&Q Italian Matte Stretch fabric, this company plans on remaining a leading provider of travel wardrobe, athleisure, and wedding attire for their savvy young adult audience.

Degen Health

Degen Health is a Dayton, OH-based supplement manufacturing startup that was formed in 2021, and launched online in April 2022. Degen Health’s high-functioning superfood formulated products lead the gamut in versatile approaches to curing hangovers, boosting immune strength, and improving anti-inflammatory responses, while increasing energy levels and focus. Their products contain a nutritious range of superfoods that deliver highly-functional nutrition from real plant sources, not just injected nutrients like many other supplements. Degen’s ingredient bill includes a mix of nutrient-dense beetroot extract, immune system-boosting astragalus root, shiitake mushrooms containing immune-boosting minerals, lion’s mane mushroom, and spirulina powder, which offers a significant dietary source of powerful antioxidants and B-vitamins. This innovative startup began its roots with the Founder learning about his diagnosis of bladder cancer. He realized the importance of living a healthy life but didn’t enjoy packed salads or greens, and he dedicated himself to finding supplements to support his preferences. After testing a range of superfood formulas as a consumer, he decided to create the solution he sought; then, Degen Health was born. Their flagship product, Degen Daily Boost, packs a full spectrum of superfoods that target critical systems in your body, and provide the proper nutrients in tasty apple or watermelon flavors for customers to enjoy. The best part is, there is zero added sugar. Degen Health wants to remove the uneducated ideas regarding hangovers and immune support, and help consumers implement appropriate nutrition and self-care.

Armoire is a woman of color-founded-and-led clothing rental membership built for the busy, professional woman. With plans starting at $69/month, members have access to a rotating closet of thousands of items by hundreds of top designers from around the world. Armoire delivers a personalized clothing experience to customers, providing recommendations based on fit and style preferences. Nationwide, Armoire members rent between $1000-$6000 worth of clothing per month and enjoy free shipping, cleaning, and styling. Armoire aims to empower women to reclaim valuable time. Instead of presenting customers with a traditional “eternal scroll” shopping experience, they offer curated recommendations that make looking great easier. Sustainability is a foundational element of Armoire’s service. The company has diverted nearly nine thousand decommissioned styles from landfill via donations since the company’s founding in 2016. What’s more, 98% of Armoire’s inventory has moved directly from their warehouses in the past year, as opposed to the standard retail industry sell-through rate of 68%—a testament to the company’s understanding of what customers want to rent, and a commitment to decreasing garment waste. Finally, Armoire uses 100% recycled and dual-use packaging for member case shipments, created in collaboration with another woman of color-led business. Partnering with global brands founded and led by underrepresented designers, Armoire is a great way to practice values alignment and infuse variety into your wardrobe. This innovative company is helping women protect valuable time without sacrificing style.

Semi Aquatics

Semi Aquatics wants to reverse the negative environmental impact of human evolution and bring us back to a state when semi-aquatic ancestors first crawled on land. This innovative clothing company wants the world to return to how things were before retailers began disrupting the natural flow and society shifted from environmental sustainability to personal gains. Launched in Boston in November 2019, this now Brooklyn-based company wants to solve the fashion-related environmental disaster prompted by shopping for new clothing daily. Semi Aquatics believes that shopping on the right day is a part of the optimal solution, which is why they produce their collections in limited numbers and are only available on selected dates each month until they sell out. This strategic, environmentally friendly approach helps customers receive sleek, minimal, and timeless wardrobe staples while giving our planet a chance to recover from the negative impact of landfills, rivers, and oceans that deal with tonnes of discarded apparel. By producing in limited quantities, Semi Aquatics actively combats the bad habits of fast fashion. As a result, certain pieces may be challenging to come by. However, Semi Aquatics reminds their audience to not sweat the small things and to simply look out for the next release. Every design is a new collaboration with emerging artists, providing customers with a unique product and commitment to sustainability which helps them stand out in the competitive clothing market. Semi Aquatics’ founders began the company after discerning a lack of sustainable clothes exhibiting cool and unique designs. The need to find a solution has led to a full-on creative showcase with each project. As a result, the company successfully creates pieces that customers can simultaneously feel and look good in what they are wearing.

Her-Rah! 1st Bra

After a very awkward first bra shopping experience left much to be desired, 10-year-old McKenna Hopla (2016) approached her mom with an idea that would rewrite the narrative for other girls – and so Her Rah! 1st Bra was born! The Mom and Daughter duo set out on a mission to create not only bras that are comfortable and provide the perfect amount of support for developing girls, but also a positive experience that leaves these developing young ladies feeling confident and empowered as they prepare for even more changes to come. Disappointed by the lack of color options and variety, McKenna wanted Her Rah! Bras to provide girls with a fun way to express their style and accessorize their outfits. To make this possible, all Her Rah! Bras are designed with a patented detachable and interchangeable strap design, with over 30 strap designs and color choices to personalize your bra and really make it your own! In addition to the seemingly endless strap options, the duo carefully crafted 3 different bra styles to choose the one that’s right for your unique body and lifestyle! Since launching the product line in 2016, McKenna has continued to make waves with their innovative designs and approach, being awarded BizWorld’s 2019 Girlpreneur of the Year and 2021 Young Entrepreneur Success! Program Winner, all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA and an active member of the National Honor Society as she wraps up her senior year of high school. This forward-thinking company is transforming the first bra experience and helping girls gracefully grow into their best selves. Buying your first bra is a big deal and Her-Rah! 1st bra believes it’s something to be celebrated! Awkward conversations and uncomfortable scenarios are no more; girls can connect with themselves and establish confidence through their Her-Rah! 1st Bra experience. Her-Rah! 1st Bras support more than developing breasts – they support the development of a strong, healthy self. As the girls at Her-Rah like to say, “Give your girl the right support, and watch her conquer the world!”


VIDE is a drink company in the ready-to-drink alcohol space and specializes in all-natural, gluten-free, zero-sugar, and zero-carb beverages. Founded in New York in June 2019, VIDE set out to bring high-quality convenience and transparency to its products for the self-aware, health-conscious consumer. VIDE wants to provide fun drinking experiences while educating customers on responsible drinking. Their main products consist of ready-to-drink vodka & tequila sodas, and the company is a proud partner of a nonprofit helping them offset and reduce our carbon footprint called Climate Neutral. Environmental awareness and support are significant components of VIDE’s values, as the company wants to create socially and environmentally responsible products. The VIDE company brand is rooted in authenticity, transparency, and hard work. Everything the company does is to support and empower its audience, which is intentional about product consumption and brand relatability. It’s a story about how two college guys launching a product and selling cans out of their bag bags led to persistent hustling throughout the streets of New York. VIDE’s humble beginnings are a considerable point of success and contribute to its growth, as the new company now retails in realms such as Costco and Whole Foods. VIDE’s commitment continues to be the drinkability of its products and creating clean alcoholic drinks that are light and refreshing without the lingering aftertaste. Minimal ingredients have led VIDE’s two founders to success, but the duo plans on staying humble and sticking to their sales roots as the company continues to grow.

Written in partnership with Ascend