Scott Savlov Discusses Challenges In Events & Hospitality Industries During The Pandemic

Savlov Consulting Inc.’s Scott Savlov discusses how he managed to host successful events with no documented cases of Covid.

The pandemic halted life all over the world. This widespread epidemic had an impact on almost all industries, but the event industries were the hardest hit. Events had to be canceled due to protocols requiring everyone to remain indoors until necessary. This necessitated a change in how to organize these events without endangering people’s lives. Events like the Olympics and Euro 2020 were postponed. Even though large gatherings were prohibited, human life still depended heavily on connection and social interaction. That was when businesses discovered a creative and innovative way to bring people together to share experiences while maintaining social distancing rules and regulations. Scott Savlov shares his experience of conducting events during the pandemic without affecting any lives.

Challenges Due To The Pandemic

Because of the covid pandemic, the event and hospitality industries were neutralized for more than 18 months. Scott’s company had to create events that fit the health and public safety guidelines. It was not an easy task to conduct any form of business when health risks existed. That was when Scott and his team created events that flourished meeting those criteria. One event in particular that Scott talks about is the Walgreens Charity Classic, which successfully raised much-needed charity dollars while bringing celebrities and sponsors to Chicago during the pandemic. With testing and every possible precautionary health measure available, the Walgreens Charity Classic succeeded and flourished without creating a super-spreader.

Scott is currently very active as the host of the podcast “The Path Here”, which was launched in 2021. He describes “The Path Here” as an exciting platform for him to have thoughtful conversations with his friends about their journey, and how their passion and drive got them to where they are today. At last, he shares his vision of having new golf and culinary events on television, social media, and streaming platforms.

About Scott Savlov

Over the course of more than 25 years, Scott Savlov has worked in broadcasting and the media, creating sponsorships, commercials, events, and business strategies for organizations. He is known for organizing an Alcatraz concert that launched a brand on VH1. He is regarded as one of the most active creative forces in made-for-television sports.

According to the TV veteran, while sports television production may appear to be a simple task, it is far from it. It requires familiarity with the sport, a keen understanding of contemporary pop culture, the ability to convince sponsors to sponsor celebrity talent, and—most importantly—a sizable network of contacts. Scott claims that they now heavily rely on social media to build relationships with the general public, which lowers marketing costs while increasing revenue and attendance for his clients.

Scott describes his style as “wearing my heart on my sleeve” and “being passionate about everything I do.” Many companies seek him out or contact him because they know he will give everything he has. 

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