Roni Davis’ How to be Single Helps People Navigate the Many Hardships of Dating Life and Beyond


One of the most beautiful experiences in life is finding love and keeping it. For some of us, love may come naturally, while others are forced to navigate the many painful goodbyes and heartbreaks that often come along with the process. Certified life coach and psychologist Roni Davis has developed a unique approach to helping people find love, and she shares the process through her book entitled “How to be Single, Color Code Dating and The Love Cycle.”

Roni Davis created the “Color Code Dating Method” to help people successfully navigate their search for love. The method utilizes six colors to identify the natural energies that people feel when they meet a potential love interest. Through this unique approach, Roni has pushed people to elevate their own purpose and begin with self-love before trying to find a romantic partner. This way, they can embrace the whole love-finding process and bask in the sheer moment of bliss once love finally blossoms.

Plucking her wisdom from her own personal experiences, Roni Davis has met with people from all walks of life. With every person she comes across, it has been her natural inclination to spread hope and inspiration. Thus, it was only apparent that she would soon develop a way for people to introduce happiness to their lives by finding romance.

Her book “How to be Single” has proven to be wildly successful. As such, the success has fostered a growing community dubbed the Pro Daters Society, which consists of people who have successfully used the teachings of the “Color Code Dating Method” to improve their dating experiences and have fun, excitement, and love.

The Pro Daters Society which is a community of people who actively use Roni’s approach to dating. She has also created her own dating terms referred to as the “Date-tionary.” The collection of terms contains specific dating terminologies that are easily understood and, in turn, helps people navigate their dating life with great success.

In her efforts to inspire people and help them find love, Roni Davis is adamant about spreading her positive message not just to the people who need it but to the entire world. “I want to share this book with everyone who finds themselves confused or in a dilemma in the dating world, whether you’re in a relationship, divorced, dating, or courting,” she added.

Equipped with a creative soul and a vibrant personality, Roni Davis has also captivated a massive audience on her social media. Fans have greatly enjoyed her short, interactive comedy videos promoting the same methods she teaches about dating. To further promote her methods, Roni is set to release her debut single entitled “Mr. Persistence” in January 2023.

Roni Davis also plans to release commercials, music videos, and merchandise to promote her tried and tested methods. “It’s my God-given purpose to build brands and empires that people all over the world can benefit from. My background, education, and experiences all lead me to this place. I wanted to build a brand that would move the world up and forward, and relationships were my way to do it, helping those who need it the most,” she shared

Roni has also created a line of merchandise all revolving around the date-tionary terms in her book. Terms like “Money Machine, D-Dodger, Mr. Persistent, No means No, In the Clear, and more. Visit to see the newest designs as they come available.

Written in partnership with Maria Williams