New York Supper Club, Something Good Hospitality, Expands Into Miami’s Dynamo Culinary Shore


Launched at the top of 2022, Something Good Hospitality is a collective of Michelin-star chefs and culinary experts who bring explosive menus to a variety of spaces, including David Dobrik’s 26th birthday bash, a charity event for Ukraine through the World Central Kitchen, and a slew of private events with the SERHANT. group, Experian, and Billionaire’s Club. Their high-profile partnerships are not only deluxe by design, but they make sense for both parties in a shared appreciation for community, quality, and subversive excellence. Unlike some figures in food and beverage, Something Good Hospitality uses their unique position on the culinary landscape to strengthen opposing markets and sprinkle a new kind of allure into their services. Partnerships like that of King’s Hawaiian, Mike’s Hot Honey, and Grillo’s Pickles go way back, and others like Lobo’s Tequila make regular appearances alongside the Something Good team for volcanic spirits that spin a dizzy dance for those in attendance. Led by culinary creative, Chef Raph Khutorsky, the supper club recently laid the groundwork for expansion into Miami’s bombastic food scene, making a big splash in an otherwise tepid market for fine dining with a punch of personality. Miami is already world-renowned for its cosmopolitan panache, and the addition of Something Good Hospitality brings a new kind of experience to the table.

Part of what defines the difference with Something Good’s approach to top-shelf dining is their confidence when dealing with the unconventional. Having developed a robust reputation in their native New York from the start, Miami is an obvious setting for the next chapter to unfold, much attributed to the city’s love and appreciation for creativity and cross-pollination. Something Good Hospitality is known for weaving together many different corners of artistry in the spirit of good food and good times, as was the case with their sparkling presentation at David Dobrik’s 26th birthday party earlier this year. When community, creativity, and quality cuisine intersect, beautiful things can happen, as illustrated by Something Good’s ongoing charitable work with World Central Kitchen and, most recently, Save The Children and Big Dog Ranch Rescue following the devastations of hurricane Ian.

This patchwork of passion projects is what propels Something Good Hospitality ahead of the fine dining renaissance, positioning the team as a leader in a revolutionizing culinary movement. An ascent of this scale demands excellence at every turn, and along with Chef Raph crafting unbeatable standards in the kitchen, Something Good has welcomed two additional forces to their team to lead their growth into Miami’s colorful, albeit challenging market.

Martin Borkan, Something Good’s COO, brings years of trailblazing experience in managing and opening dynamic spaces into the fold, having just recently served as the General Manager for Momosan Wynwood, the Miami launchpad for out-of-this-world ramen and sake by Chef Masaharu Morimoto. Borkan has seen aerial success with various restaurants and culinary concepts all across the nation, from San Diego and Scottsdale to Boston and Miami. Generating a diverse scope of regional cuisine and cultural enclaves reflects the existing identity of Something Good Hospitality, and Borkan’s track record of successfully opening and growing a variety of networks will make plenty of noise in Miami and future markets.

In support of Something Good’s celebrated and immersive events, Adam Haas joins the team as their Director of Strategic Events and Partnerships, ensuring that every birthday bash, charitable dinner, and innovative experience is executed with a steel-plated strategy. Something Good Hospitality has redefined the art of fine dining to integrate any and all backgrounds, landscapes, and place settings, challenging our existing perceptions of what it means to eat well and have fun doing so. Haas upholds this expectation and drives it home with over 15 years of experience designing and managing dynamic events, interactive brand activations, and large-scale production for Fortune 500 companies and beyond. As a Miami native, Haas will be able to activate his sprawling network of artists, designers, and changemakers to show South Florida what the future of fine dining will look like. Miami is a city of curiosities, energized by cultural typhoons like Art Basel, Ultra Music Festival, and Miami Fashion Week, and such a metropolis often nicknamed the “Manhattan of the South”, requires a unique set of eyes to strike the horizon. Haas brings a layer of confidence and handshake familiarity to Something Good’s expansion, cementing their place among the city’s most prolific culinary and creative spaces with ease.

The New Year is coming in hot, and as we near the beginning of 2023, we can expect to see more from Something Good Hospitality in Miami and beyond. Chef Raph, along with Borkan and Haas, has already disrupted conventional dining spaces in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and it’s safe to assume that, at least for now, we’re wading in the shallows of Miami, just steps away from the depths of tomorrow’s fine dining experience.

Written in partnership with Ascend