As Miami Flourishes So Does Private Wealth Advisor Patrick Dwyer

A classic tourist destination — drawing snowbirds, college students, and visitors hungry for a taste of Cuban culture — Miami has always been one of the most popular cities in the United States. Miami has recently transformed, however, adding to its existing flavor and overall appeal. The city entered the Pandemic years like all other cities: frightened, locked down, and adopting an attitude of wait-and-see. Due to a plethora of factors like the rapid easing of business mandates and lower state taxes, Miami was viewed by many people and companies as a refuge. While some headed south in search of sun and more space, the city was witness to an economic renaissance, turning Miami into a leader in culture, tech, finance, and more.

Large corporations across many industries have opened headquarters in Miami, turning the city into a thriving tech hub. Further, the Mayor of the city had famously embraced cryptocurrency as well as the promise of Web 3, enticing many innovative blockchain-based companies to open up shop in Miami. These new ventures — as well as Miami’s existing tax, weather, and cultural appeal — have spurred tremendous growth in the hospitality business, followed by a real estate boom. Further, publications like the Real Deal have noted that Miami’s real estate market is now the most expensive in the country.

Patrick Dwyer built his reputation as a thought leader in finance during his time as a private wealth adviser at Merrill Lynch. To this point, Dwyer and his team managed over $3.8 billion in assets as the fourth-largest private wealth team at Merrill Lynch. Honoring his career-long belief in Miami as a potential economic powerhouse for the country, Dwyer is now based in Miami working as a private wealth advisor with New Edge Wealth.

Throughout his career, Dwyer gained experience with a vast array of business sectors, honing in on fields leveraging innovative technology to continuously evolve. Specifically, Dwyer is recognized for his expertise in big data, artificial intelligence, and biotechnology. While Dwyer never predicted Miami’s technology scene to grow this rapidly, Dwyer — drawing on his professional focus and love of the city — is not surprised at its current state. It seems as though Dwyer’s move to Miami was a date with destiny.

While Dwyer’s work is very important to him, the private wealth advisor believes in living a meaningful life and giving back. Through the Dwyer Family Foundation, Dwyer and his wife are heavily involved in various philanthropic causes. Dwyer and his wife are passionate about education and use the foundation to help bolster educational resources in the city and beyond. Through their work, children from all backgrounds have increased opportunities to receive a quality education. In addition to education, Dwyer is a governing board director for the Neuroscience Centers of Florida Foundation and the Telluride Science Research Center.

Written in partnership with Ascend