Dossier Perfumes – The Scent of Luxury For a Whole Lot Less

Anyone that’s seen a luxury perfume ad knows it’s about more than just smelling sensational. From glamorous destinations and sensual scenery to fast cars and sexy celebrities, high-end perfume brands seem to sell an elusive lifestyle rather than a functional product. And it’s no wonder why. Who wouldn’t want to live in the mysterious fantasy world of a perfume commercial? Unfortunately, the real fantasy for most is making the investment. 

Most of these perfumes come with a lofty price tag because of celebrity endorsements, pricey packaging, and more. Cue Dossier Perfumes –  where quality alone is the name of the game. Say goodbye to paying top dollar for niceties and say hello to smelling like a million bucks for nowhere near it. 

There’s no need to trade trendy scents for great value. Dossier’s designer-quality fragrances are inspired by highly sought-after scents from brands like Tom Ford and Gucci, without a price tag that makes you wince. Kilian’s sensually sweet Love, Don’t Be Shy” perfume, for example, is the influence behind Dossier’s “Floral Marshmallow.

Like “Love, Don’t Be Shy,” Dossier’s “Floral Marshmallow” takes inspiration from the innocence of first love for an expressive blend of orange blossom and marshmallow with notes of honeysuckle and neroli. It’s also made with the highest quality ingredients, and so is every other Dossier fragrance. 

The hidden gem of a brand prides itself on never sacrificing quality or cutting corners. Scents are sourced from none other than Grasse, France – the perfume capital of the world – where their expert perfumers use care to create products with higher concentrations than most famous brands, meaning you’ll smell dreamy all day long. 

Dossier’s conscientiousness is a labor of love as the brand injects inclusion and acceptance into an industry that so often profits off the opposites. Starting with fair prices, Dossier makes smelling great an attainable way for everyone to express themselves. Finding scents that fit your personal flare is a lot easier when there’s no pressure to commit. You can try the full-size bottle of any perfume and send it back for a refund if it’s not for you. 

Even more, all of Dossier’s perfumes are vegan and free of colorants, parabens, phthalates, and, most importantly, cruelty. What they’re not missing is sustainable packaging that cuts costs for you and the environment. Basically, if you’re in search of a perfume with no compromises, Dossier is your new best friend. 

Written in partnership with Dossier Perfumes