Rodrigo Rodriguez, AKA Rodrigo Films, is the Mastermind Behind Some of the Most Viewed Videos in the Music Industry

The much-in-news video and film director has held onto audiences’ attention with all that he has offered.

There are a few people who take years to realize what they seek in life, while there are a few others who understand what they wish to attain in their journeys and what their true purpose is in life very early in their careers. Though this is easier said than implemented, there have been professionals who have proved what it takes to get closer to one’s aspirations in life and how people can attain them. Serving as one of the finest examples of them all in the world of entertainment is Dominican talent, video, and film director Rodrigo Rodriguez, aka Rodrigo Films.

“Getting this far in my career does feel like a dream, as the path was filled with several hurdles and challenges, but if you ask was all of that well-worth it, I will reply saying a big yes,” says the brain behind the recently released 50-minute documentary titled “La Cuna Del Dembow.” He is already a well-renowned name in the Latin community and has billions of views as a director. His quality of work and the creativity he offers through each of his projects have turned him into one of the most prominent directors in the current generation in the Latin community.

La Cuna Del Dembow was launched by Amazon Music and was released on 8th October 2022. It is interesting to know that Rodrigo Films directed and recorded it in just 20 days by traveling to different parts of the world and creating content that could instantaneously capture the attention of all audiences. More importantly, the film is divided into two chapters, he says, and it shows the urban musical style with the greatest influence in the Dominican Republic, which has spread internationally: Dembow as a culture. In the much-talked-about series, several popular names contribute, like Bad Bunny, Rochy RD, Yailin “La más viral,” BULIN 47, El Yala, Bulova, Kiko El Crazy, El Mayor Clásico, Jacol, Pablo Piddy, Farruko, Yomel “El Meloso,” DJ Lobo, Shelow Shaq, El Ken, El Crock, Ceky Viciny, La Materialista, Lírico “En La Casa,” to name a few.

Rodrigo Films has even worked with several well-recognized artists in the industry, like Bad Bunny, El Alfa, Maluma, Ozuna, Nicky Jam, Natti Natasha, Farruko, Rauw Alejandro, Lunay, Arcángel, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, and others.

Written in partnership with Ascend