Branding Coach Nathalie Nicole Smith on Building a Resilient Brand

The world has recently seen a steep rise in the number of women entrepreneurs. This means their potential to contribute to the economy, innovation, and job creation was mostly untapped. Advances in technology and digitalization have made it possible for women to claim their place as entrepreneurs. The story of Nathalie Nicole Smith is proof that women can dream big and accomplish their goals with hard work, resilience, and self-confidence. Starting her journey as a hustler during her college days, Nathalie Nicole Smith is currently a success and branding coach and a CEO running multiple 7-figure ventures.

Nathalie Nicole Smith was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland. Although she hails from a humble background, Nathalie never stopped dreaming big. From a very young age, she wanted the freedom to get what she wanted and live life on her own terms. Back then, Nathalie did not realize it was her hidden potential as an entrepreneur that prompted her to seek more. She wanted money so she started selling books and school supplies to her schoolmates. However, that was not enough.

While studying at Howard University, Nathalie’s grandmother bought her a luxury car, which was enough to trigger her entrepreneurial hunger. Nathalie became used to the best things in life and wanted to get it all herself. In addition to studying, she did many odd jobs to earn money. She sold hair extensions, began bartending, and even started doing bottle service for extra money. Eventually, Nathalie entered the beauty industry as a makeup artist for celebrities. She also worked at MAC cosmetics. By the time she graduated, she was ready to start her own venture with a brick-and-mortar beauty and wellness venture, Plush Beauty Box, in DC with only a few thousand dollars.

Like most young entrepreneurs, Nathalie made mistakes, learned from them, and moved ahead to scale up her business. Today, she owns multiple successful 6-7 figure brands and is already a social media influencer. She owns a lifestyle brand that has a lavish storefront inside Houston Galleria Mall, Plush RX. Nathalie also authored a book, Becoming a Brand, and also serves as an executive ambassador for Total Life Changes, the network marketing company.

Nathalie built her brand from the ground up so she knows that it was never meant to be easy. She overcame several challenges in life to achieve the success she enjoys today. In 2020, Nathalie experienced a traumatic situation when her financial success was at its peak. She sank into depression but soon discovered her core value as a woman who is a boss. She leveraged this resilience to launch her passion project, Women Who Boss, a community helping women believe in themselves to build big brands and create big empires.

Currently, Women Who Boss Network is a 501c3 Non-Profit venture led by Nathalie. It has a whopping social media follower base and impacts women all across the world. Women Who Boss is a platform helping aspiring women with the necessary resources to build their emotional and physical skillset to release the budding entrepreneur within them. It is not just a program but a community that works to experience a new dimension in their career.

Nathalie Nicole Smith wants to see herself as a lifestyle brand empowering women to not only scale up in their careers but look stunning as well. With Women Who Boss, Nathalie wants to reach 1 Million women and help them discover their hidden potential and resilience.

Written in partnership with Ascend