Adrien Rappoport Describes His Journey Throughout Life

Given how much the documentary genre has changed in recent years, it’s understandable that some people could be confused about “what precisely a documentary is!” A documentary is a generic word for any non-fiction film that attempts to “record” or “capture” any aspect of actual life. Watching documentaries is an excellent approach to gaining knowledge and insight into the genre. Since documentaries aren’t easy to make, they require a team of skilled videographers and media production experts, but in some cases, people like Adrien Rappoport are enough to capture almost anything single-handedly.

Staying Firm on His Belief

Adrien Rappoport is a filmmaker and videographer who travels the world recording celebrity personalities, social documentaries for international broadcasters and luxury properties for the travel industry. After being in the industry for 15 years, he has demonstrated his skill and knowledge time and time again throughout his career. In 2016, he founded Reconnection Video, a Miami-based, full-service video production company. He’s collaborated with high-end companies and interviewed influential people, including Sir Richard Branson, CEO of the Virgin Group, Philipp Levin, Mayor of Miami Beach, and Arnold W. Donald, CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines. Adrien often works alone in the field, taking his camera with him in the hopes of capturing the right moment. This is one way in which he differs from other cinematographers, who often work with a huge crew.

Paving the Way Towards Success

After spending his first 15 years in the industry working for major European TV networks, Adrien relocated to the United States, where he has since honed his skills as a producer of video and cinematics for a wide variety of high-profile productions. Adrien has had the privilege of collaborating with some of the most prominent figures in the television business because of his expertise in producing in-depth social documentaries and filming segments for high-end television. He is an example of someone who has taken advantage of opportunities, leveraged connections, and worked his way up in the business. For example, in one of his documentaries, Adrien captured French citizens in Miami during Spring Break. Titled ‘Spring Break Miami n’en peut plus,’ the documentary showed party organizers, dancers, artists, and several actors in the entertainment capital over two weeks, broadcasted on Channel M6. Moreover, he contributed as a cinematographer to four notable documentaries; Enquête exclusive, A series of in-depth investigations into various topics; Le monde en face, a French television program presenting a documentary followed by a debate, Les nouveaux braconniers, and GAL des tueurs d’état.

Self-Motivation is the Key

It takes more than one person to complete a documentary production. The creation of these photos almost always requires collaboration, but Adrien has developed particular expertise in the field. His cinematography abilities place emphasis on the human element, and he is well-known for always respecting the interviewee’s pace and avoiding over-staging the interview set. His work is noted for having a personal touch. His company, Reconnection Video, has its headquarters in Miami, which is not only a center for the production of social documentaries but also a center for the provision of professional video advertising services to small and medium-sized businesses in an effort to improve the brand image of these companies. In addition to working with the corporate giants, Adrien also works with parents to do an in-depth feature on their school-aged children. These personal, fantastic pieces capture a child from a third-party perspective and allow the child to shine and reveal to the interviewer their current interests in school, hobbies, and friendship. These short pieces are perfect for helping children prepare for school application interviews or to send to relatives living far away so that they can get a glimpse into the child’s daily life.

Whether Adrien has the camera in his hands or is looking over your shoulder, he has the kind of conversational compassion that puts people at ease instantly. After receiving his photographic training and a degree in Journalism at the Toulouse School, the aspiring reporter has decided to pursue a career in field reporting. The best part of his work is that he films his subjects while simultaneously interrogating them. The acronym for “Journalist reporter of images” (or “JRI”) explains the unusual French moniker for this phenomenon. There is no question that Adrien has a lot more in store for the world, and he is one of the few filmmakers that you want to keep an eye on. His career is continuing to lead him to new areas, and there is no stopping it!

Written in partnership with Amir Bakian