As Aesthetic Procedures Soar in Price, Some Clinics Are Pushing Back, Adding a Much Needed Balance to The Injectable Market

The popularity of aesthetic clinics is increasing rapidly thanks to social media promoting more awareness about the benefits of different injectable procedures. This has created an increase in demand and an increase in cost for procedures, but not all med spas are on board with charging more for their procedures. Two clinics, in particular, are making it their mission to help people like what they see in the mirror, no matter who they are or what social class they fall under.

The co-founder of Botoplace, Carla Castro, and the General Manager of LightTouch Med Spa® Orlando, Alex Medeiros, are pushing back on the projection of the injectable market by staying true to their mission to provide affordable aesthetics procedures. Both med spas offer transparent pricing for their procedures, a practice that is not common in the industry.

Botoplace is the first and only walk-in botox-only clinic that provides services at a flat fee. Rather than charging per unit, the founders of Botoplace believe transparency in pricing should be paramount and charge per area treated, which helps keep the treatments affordable. The ultimate goal of Botoplace is to make botox available to all, not just the wealthy, and to help people feel their best, inside and out. The clinic is also a part of an initiative to support survivors of domestic abuse by offering them free treatments.

Botoplace offers a new concept of MedSpa. They do not offer any fillers or lasers, they only provide botox treatments. “We are specialized in Botox, technology, and self-esteem. We developed an exclusive protocol focusing on the three FDA-approved areas of the face,” says Castro. “And we offer botox application in various areas such as armpits, chin, jawline, DAO, masseter, decolletage, neck, nose, lips, and others”.

On the other hand, LightTouch Med Spa® Orlando with Botox® pricing currently at a low $8.75/unit (sometimes reaching $8/unit) with no membership, contract, or hidden fees, offers a full range of laser treatments for both men and women, including laser hair removal, laser skin resurfacing (Pixel), radio frequency body contouring treatments, laser vein treatments, laser skin tightening, botox and fillers. All of their treatments are performed by qualified and highly trained medical professionals.

With the help of Medeiros, LightTouch Med Spa has become one of the most trusted establishments in Orlando, with 17 years of experience providing aesthetic services utilizing the most up-to-date technology. In just the past two years, Medeiros has quickly helped the brand grow to one of the top-performing injectable med spas in the Orlando area. The med spa clinic features 14 stunning treatment rooms with over 12 full-time staff members. The clinic’s rapid growth developed within the first four months of operations. Using in-depth data-driven analytics, LightTouch Med Spa is quickly gaining popularity in the injectables market.

Oftentimes clients enter a med spa well-informed, making it crucial for clinics like these to make good first impressions in hopes of retaining business. Both Botoplace and LightTouch Med Spa have successfully systematized this crucial step. Their passion for providing transparent and affordable services is one of the biggest reasons why they’ve retained clients so well. When clinics are transparent, it makes it very easy for clients to make referrals and advocate for a clinic’s services to others.

Whether the injectables market will stay true to its expected trajectory of 10 to 12 percent or capture its increasing potential will depend on how effectively the clinics can leverage the growth seen from trends pushed by social media and meet the growing needs of prospective patients. Achieving a 14 percent growth would require many, if not all, of these trends to actualize on the market cohesively. In an October survey by McKinsey, 15 to 20 percent of respondents were considering a first-time aesthetics injectable treatment in the next five years. As the projection of treatment demand grows, it’s the clinics like BotoPlace and LightTouch Med Spa that will see significant growth as they cater to providing purpose-driven, transparent business.

Written in partnership with Ascend