Notable Brands Making An Impact in 2022

Crow Collective

The Crow Collective is a movement that boasts a wardrobe of versatile essentials for those inspired by a life of movement and transformation. The company’s aesthetic offers its wearers the ability to dress their clothing up or down even if the occasion takes place within the day or night. Ultimately, this allows people to live in the present no matter where their journey may take them, which is in large contrast to their restrictive counterparts. In the same vein, their Journey Pant, otherwise known as THE MOST COMFORTABLE PANT IN THE WORLD™, was designed to seamlessly hug your body making the leggings both stylish and beyond comfortable. Not to mention that the material used is incredibly soft and is a BlueSign-certified fabric, which cuts down on the harm to the environment as a result of the dyeing process. Next in line, the company proudly holds award-winning shorts, the Yoga Crow, which effectively supplies men with the ability to move freely as it effortlessly flows in response to your body; no more basketball shorts or swim trunks when you’re holding asana. The Crow Collective embodies what it means to be more than just a clothing company. Founder, Evan Novis, prioritizes community and takes immense pride in providing thoughtful customer service, which allows him to connect with his audience and ensure the end product meets their expectations. For some, living in the moment can be challenging, however, it helps to know that Crow Collective is one click away from making that moment feel that much more authentic.

Madame Gabriela Beauty

The essence of clean beauty can often feel like a buzzword, especially if companies don’t follow through with their promise. Officially introduced in 2020, Madame Gabriela Beauty is among the select few that deliver on their quest for clean cosmetics, and with a suite of dazzling lipsticks to choose from, Madame Gabriela is the only company that will make you want to kiss and tell. Gabriela Navejas, the co-founder of Madame Gabriela Beauty, grew up watching her Abuela, Esther, apply beautiful shades to complete her look no matter the occasion, and following her passing at 98 years old, Navejas pivoted her focus from corporate-level work to stoking the glamour her Abuela kept aflame for decades. Navejas noticed a gap in beauty markets that failed to supply clean, opulent lipstick that felt as good as it looked. Madame Gabriela Beauty comes in clutch with all-natural products that are powered by New Zealand manuka honey, in addition to avocado oil and other botanical butters. Manuka honey contains the highest level of polyphenols of any other honey, earning its reputation as a harbinger of wellness and youth. Their product line includes beauties like “Paris At 7 pm”, a supple rouge that’s dripping with allure and works for all skin tones. Featured in Forbes as “Best Moisturizing Lipstick”, Madame Gabriela Beauty is pioneering a new era of lip nutrition, reminding us all that our most delicate, sensitive, and irresistible feature demands a new layer of excellence.

Kor Water

Water is central to everything that we do and stands as our finest luxury. Hydration is part of our daily routine, so why not make it the best part? Kor Water, the LA-born hero company of reusable drink containers, has expertly challenged our understanding of water and how we integrate regular hydration into our schedules, taking the majesty of water and applying it to chic utility. The company’s vessels are striking by design and provide optimal, clean hydration with unabashed allure. In short, wearing the water becomes an extension of our personality and deserves a co-pilot. Kor Water has introduced a colorful swath of shapes and silhouettes since its founding in 2004, and the compelling design quality of a Kor bottle has caught the attention of countless filmmakers, allowing Kor to share the screen with The Hunger Games and Iron Man, among others. Coupled with the company’s dynamic design anatomy, Kor Water ensures that our drinking experiences are second to none and serve us (and the planet) responsibly. Bottles are built with BPA-free materials and a spout that Kor calls “The Perfect Spout”, a mouth that is comfortable, durable, and streamlined for consumption.  Additionally, Kor works closely with select partners like UrbanSurf4Kids, which creates space for orphaned children to learn to ride the waves with pro surfers through a shared appreciation of adventure and hydration, and One Canvas, a collaborative platform for artists to spark creativity and pass it on. At its core, Kor Water promotes a lifestyle that’s soaked with memories and highlights the ‘fun’ in functional wellness. Proper hydration carries us through our best adventures, and keeping your Kor Water close is like slipping on your favorite t-shirt for style, comfort, and peak performance.

Fairy Glow Gems

Fairy Glow Gems is the passion project of Sarah Gladding, a native of Upstate New York who discovered a love for crystals and gemstones at a mere 8 years old. After working in the production payroll industry for a few years, Gladding centered her focus on a labor of love that she found more fulfilling, energizing, and meaningful in the long run. Fairy Glow Gems is a resource for the curious who seek an elevated perspective on the world through rare and unconventional treasures, using a kaleidoscope of shapes, cuts, and styles to fit their every need. Fairy Glow Gems appeals to the experienced collector who demands consistency in quality and reliability, while also to the first-timers who are looking for that diamond in the rough rarity. Gladding has poured her heart and soul into this unique crystal collective and sources her items from some of the most profound mines in the world. With their one-of-a-kind gems, crystals, and minerals, as well as a polished, inviting, and sparkling social media page, Fairy Glow Gems is uniting the world with the pretty little things that make us smile, a simple gesture that only gets better with time.

Blend Bunny Cosmetics

There are many key factors that distinguish Blend Bunny Cosmetics from the rest of the makeup industry, among them being a commitment to clean, cruelty-free beauty standards and a panache of artistry that bleeds from one creative vision to another with bombastic authority. Introduced at the top of 2021 by Maggie Jones, Blend Bunny Cosmetics is no hat trick, for the real magic rests with their stellar selection of palettes and the artists who wield them. The company is Leaping Bunny Certified, which, to the ill-informed, is the prom queen of cruelty-free certifications. Becoming certified through Leaping Bunny means that small businesses like Blend Bunny Cosmetics are committed to annual evaluations and consistency in conduct, separating them from competing brands that simply want the soundbites. In addition to a steel-plated code of ethics, Blend Bunny Cosmetics is the consumer’s choice for professional utility in the makeup space, finding a home with Emmy Award-winning MUA, Jeremy Austin (known as 6), and Mikayla Nogueira, an MUA and social media star. The company’s demographic appeals to those in entertainment and the arts, but Blend Bunny’s sterling color palettes are built for everyone. Jones began her Blend Bunny journey on herself, painting unique and striking animal prints on her face to critical acclaim. Since its founding, the company has enjoyed explosive success and is poised to become the envy of the makeup space in record time.


After years of perfecting their recipe, Axia Spirit has created the first of its kind—an extra-dry and unsweetened mastiha spirit at 40% ABV. Making waves among mixologists as a versatile white spirit, Axia is lower calorie per serve than other white spirits like gin or vodka and has essentially brought a brand-new spirit category to life with its innovation. ‘Axia’ comes from the word ‘value’ in Greek and represents the importance of the mastiha tree. For centuries, mastic resin has been extracted from the mastiha tree and traded for its sweet floral scent and antioxidant healing qualities. It has also been used in traditional Greek cuisine and contemporary culinary culture. Axia brings an abundance of aromas, brightened by more delicate scents of fresh-cut grass, rose water, and dried orange peel. On the palate, earthy pine and cedar are balanced with velvety bergamot, cypress, and citrus notes.

The Watch Stand

We know you enjoy wearing your favorite watch, but what happens when you take it off? Through the lens of The Watch Stand, a European resource for watch enthusiasts based in Stockholm, watch care is almost ceremonial by design and demands a level of excellence reserved for the elevated consumer. Officially launched in 2018, The Watch Stand welcomes a heightened standard for proper watch care that includes their flagship model, The Stand, along with Watch Trays, Watch Rolls, and the Watch Winders, the latter of which looks like something one might find in a museum. Dedicated to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, The Watch Stand supplies watch-lovers with the utility they need to care for a timeless piece, ensuring the functional design is balanced by striking allure that compliments any space. Engineered for longevity and built with the finest materials available, we can find out through the thousands of tags on Instagram that The Watch Stand has already worked with industry authorities like Audemars Piguet, A. Lange & Söhne, and Roger Dubuis, cementing their place as the leading figure in watch accessory and fashion. The Watch Stand, the first of its kind, has expertly improved the value we place on our timepieces, offering tools of necessity and beauty to ensure our watches remain a staple for years to come.


Paws up and make some noise for Barkbus, the Southern California mobile pet groomer that’s revolutionizing the industry through their elegant, convenient, and stress-free one-on-one grooming services. Since 2020, Barkbus has grown from two vehicles servicing a small part of Los Angeles to a fleet of 40 serving greater Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego with plans to expand into additional states in the near future. Their vehicles are all self-sufficient and engineered for stress-free grooming transformations right at your doorstep. The beauty of Barkbus is that pets and their parents alike can receive a boutique salon experience without having to trudge all the way to a physical salon, which is inconvenient, unsafe, and stressful for both pup and parent. The team at Barkbus is composed of compassionate, dog-loving professionals who rank among the best as far as grooming is concerned. With all-natural, biodegradable bathing products, mid-groom photo updates, and a tailored spa experience for your fluffy friends, Barkbus is raising the bar for our pets and keeping their health and well-being in the driver’s seat of professional grooming.

Her-Rah! 1st Bra

This one’s for the girls! Her Rah! 1st Bra is on a mission to celebrate and support girls through some of their biggest milestones – reminding us that true transformation begins with community, compassion, and a little bit of attitude to spice things up. This small, women-owned business was created by a Mom and Daughter duo after a very awkward first bra shopping experience left much to be desired. At Her-Rah, they believe that these changes are something to be celebrated! So, they got to work on creating not only bras that are comfortable and provide the perfect amount of support for developing girls, but also a positive experience that leaves these developing young ladies feeling confident and empowered as they prepare for even more changes to come. They know that even in the earliest form, there is no one-size-fits-all bra – so they carefully crafted 3 different options to meet the needs of each unique girl-boss! Use their Find Your Fit! guide to decide which style is best for your lifestyle and body! All Her-Rah! 1st Bras feature patented detachable and interchangeable straps to customize and personalize your bra, to really make it your own! With over 30 strap designs and colors to choose from, you’ll have a bra that’s as versatile as your growing girl! Designed by girls, for girls – Our bras are made to support all kinds of changing body shapes. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your new bra starts to feel like a part of you. Did you know that when girls begin puberty, their confidence drops by an average of thirty percent? Her Rah! 1st Bras support more than developing breasts – they support the development of a strong, healthy self. As the girls at Her-Rah like to say, “Give your girl the right support, and watch her conquer the world!”

Earth Song Jewelry

Established in 2017 and based in Colorado, Earth Song Jewelry carries the subtle majesty and bespoke charm of Mother Nature in every design, inviting a sense of peace and steady allure into the jewelry space. Handcrafted by Cynthia Kay Schmidt, this woman-owned business draws inspiration from the kaleidoscope of shapes and silhouettes that define Colorado’s landscape, pressing ornate authenticity into pretty little pieces that can easily be mistaken as wearable works of art. After spending many years working in executive management as the Senior VP of Engineering & Operations in the Silicon Valley tech industry, Schmidt departed this world and embraced her arcane artistry full-time, pouring the spirit of nature into every design of Earth Song Jewelry. The company is dedicated to not only honoring the unmistakable beauty of the earth but also giving back to its primary source of inspiration. Its motto, “Bring Nature To Life”, encircles a dedication to conservation and highlights some of the efforts made to improve our shared habitats. Among them include membership with 1% For the Planet, and being a Conservation Colorado Green Leadership Business Partner. Earth Song Jewelry donates 10% of sales to these organizations to preserve our environment while supplying unique pieces that anyone can wear. Simple, evocative, and striking by design, Earth Song Jewelry commands the attention of a room with the same grace as autumn in Colorado.

Artemis Design Co

In Greek mythology, Artemis was the goddess of the hunt, of wilderness, and of animals and nature. Among her many symbols and motifs, it’s generally understood that she represented our spirit of adventure and a whimsical view of the world. Artemis Design Co, a fashion brand based in Boston, has expertly woven the stories of Artemis into their aerial designs since their founding in 2013, dressing the free-thinkers of tomorrow in crafty footwear and accessories that glow with the faded gold of timeless craftsmanship. The brand’s flagship product, a shoe that is sewn from patterned carpets and kilims, is known to strike passersby for its unique design. Their handcrafted pieces have been carried in retail stores like Anthropologie and Madewell and highlighted in publications like GQ, Town and Country, and Cosmopolitan, among others. At its core, Artemis Design Co is for the dreamers and vagabonds who lead with their hearts and need a solid pair of shoes to carry them on the next adventure. Built for comfort and durability, Artemis Design Co excels in footwear that adapts to your feet, resulting in carpet-clad kicks that only get better with time, much like an artisanal Turkish rug. Additionally, the company crafts excellent co-pilots for globetrotting like Kilim pocketbooks, purses, and even pillows. The beauty in Turkish textile arts is the storytelling quality of each unique piece, and when companies like Artemis Design Co unite old-world charm with the present day, we start to see a quilt of many different stories taking shape, the next chapter unfolding with that first step in a new pair of shoes.


Through premium quality fabrics and a sharp eye for design, RASKANA is quickly becoming a leading lady in the maternity markets, creating space for new and experienced mothers to dress the most pivotal chapters of their lives with creative mobility. Officially introduced in 2021, RASKANA is driven by Jessie Daavettila, a mother of three and a seasoned architect within fashion powerhouses like Nike, Stio, and Klim. Having spent over a decade in apparel design and marketing, Daavettila ensures that her stylish but functional zest for fashion is sewn into the fabric of her maternity movement so your pregnancy demands a double take. The beauty in RASKANA is in their ultra-modern cuts and silhouettes to classic shapes and muted, versatile color palettes. This label speaks to all mothers near and far, whether it’s your first pregnancy, postpartum, or the high point of motherhood. All garments are crafted with care in the USA and made with the finest materials available on the market, including micro-modal, spandex, Supima, and organic cotton. It’s no secret that pregnancy and, by extension, motherhood, is a sport in its own arena, and the athleticism and comfort that we’ve come to know with names like Nike and Lululemon has found a home in brands like RASKANA, where women can feel empowered to lead their lives with confidence and security. RASKANA’s collections are breathable, and sustainable, and make it easier to dress your best for you and your little ones, who will thank you later for making them look like the cutest pumpkin in the patch, yourself included.


Karen Laing has been in the business of supporting expectant and new families for 25 years as the founder of Birthways, a leader in delivering labor and postpartum doula care.  However, Laing was eager to tackle the larger issues present within the industry.  “Having a baby,” says Laing, “should be safer and better supported for everyone.” The United States ranks among the lowest in industrialized nations for its poor outcomes in maternal health, and Black mothers experience some of the greatest risks. In an effort to solve these disparities and address the increase in preventable complications, doulas have been in the spotlight for their positive impacts. She and her team are making doula care more accessible and creating an infrastructure in that care workers are able to thrive. Launching in Illinois and Wisconsin,  Okkanti is helping health systems make unbiased referrals, aiding families to find better care, and providing needed infrastructure for doulas as care entrepreneurs.  As a mission-driven B Corp, Okkanti is committed to building generational health for all, caring for families as well as the doulas who serve them. The company is proudly making waves in the industry by putting care workers first as they solve for improving our health system and addressing disparities. Showing such early promise, Okkanti actively embodies what it means to build community and nurture a sense of empathy and empowerment for all.

Republic Latin Fusion

Resembling a cross between a samba lounge and a balmy oasis in the middle of New York, Republic Latin Fusion is your friendly, independently-owned, neighborhood destination for Latin American cuisine, drinks, and entertainment. Born during the heat of the pandemic, Republic officially opened its doors in the summer of 2021 to outdoor seating only. The space was such a hit that when they expanded indoors in March of this year, the party overflowed the sidewalks and hasn’t stopped climbing since. With a hybrid focus on Colombian, Peruvian, and Mexican cuisine, Republic takes familiar staples and peppers them with a distinctly cosmopolitan twist, inviting both the seasoned taste buds and the curious onlookers inside to feel the colors of Latin America first-hand. The company is unique against the Williamsburg backdrop as one of the few institutions that are locally owned by a team of culinary creatives who surmount decades of experience in some of the city’s most renowned spaces. Republic has quickly transformed the neighborhood’s entertainment rhythm by introducing a stellar rotation of DJs, live music, and a bombastic bar program that elevates Republic beyond a table setting. Guests are encouraged to get to know the flare of Latin American fusion dishes that unite opposing corners of the globe from Oxtail Bao Buns to Birria Pizza. Additionally, Republic is able to cater to vegan palates with 25% of their menu being vegan-friendly allowing all friends & family to join in on the festivities with their popular avocado roll or vegan lomo saltado. After dinner on weekends, the space blooms into a colorful lounge where anyone can partake in the action. Republic Latin Fusion is stirring accessibility into their recipes so everyone can enjoy the spice of Latin America in the comforts of a neighborhood favorite where everyone feels like family.

Pink Miracle

For over 30 years, the SoCal shoe cleaner, Pink Miracle, has remained the gold standard for sneakerheads and general footwear hygiene worldwide, offering a decades-old formula that continues to keep your kicks fresh and clean. Beginning in 1985 in the open-air markets around Southern California, Pink Miracle is now painting the digital domains with a hefty online presence and a unique partnership with Kenny Brooks, the comedian-turned-salesman who puts the ‘fun’ in functional footwear. The secret of Pink Miracle’s success is their original concentrate––a little goes a long way! Their shoe cleaner tackles even the toughest of stains on all kinds of surfaces, from boots and sandals to Nike and other streetwear. Each bottle contains 100 cleans, lasting for years and keeping your favorite shoes looking brand new. To top it off, each bottle comes with a bristle brush to scrub the grime from your kicks. The best part about Pink Miracle is their durability as a family-owned operation, surviving and climbing decades of growth. While the rest of the world seems to go through several transformations every year, Pink Miracle has remained the trusty shoe cleaner we all know and love. If you’re new to the game, it’s probably high time you give your footwear a little TLC, and stay in-the-know about this magic in a bottle that has been a household secret for decades.

Visionary Manufacturing

Launched in 2016 and based in Las Vegas, NV, Visionary Manufacturing is a flick-of-the-whip one-stop shop for the creative entrepreneur, providing branding merchandise services that are fully customizable and efficient so you can focus on the business and not the burnout. Part of the perk of working with Visionary Manufacturing is gaining access to an exclusive label that does it all for you. Their process eliminates the hassle of sourcing multiple different vendors across an array of platforms by funneling the entire relationship into one streamlined effort. Clients are simply requested to fill out a detail-oriented form that checks all the boxes to make sure you’re getting exactly what you imagine for your brand development, music projects, sportsmanship, or creative endeavors. While Visionary Manufacturing targets streetwear and athletic apparel in their design aesthetics, the operation is open and willing to accommodate a variety of styles and cultures that speak to your brand and your audience. In short, the sky’s the limit, and all you have to do is call the shots. Because they offer a robust personalization toolbox, pricing is quoted based on the desired details, resulting in premium quality merchandise at competitive rates you likely won’t find anywhere else. Having already dressed the likes of pro-boxer Jake Paul and his team, Visionary Manufacturing outfits the best of the business and beyond, guaranteed to captivate and inspire spectators and followers alike.

By Barnett Custom Jewelers

Established in 2019 and based out of Los Angeles, By.Barnett is a boutique purveyor of wearable art driven by transparency and authenticity. The company was founded by Erin Barnett, a Texan-native who studied at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Barnett’s certification from GIA significantly elevates the standards you’ll find with By.Barnett’s bespoke pieces, which undoubtedly sparkle even in the dark. By.Barnett’s studio and showroom is by appointment only, affording consumers a tailored experience and the opportunity to interact with the pieces first-hand. Barnett’s designs are a direct reflection of the clients he has worked with in the past, a living portfolio that develops with each visit. Part of By Barnett’s success rides on the ability to craft meaningful creations that speak to the client, marking a pivotal moment in their life with a real showstopper. Beyond delectable eye candy, the studio prides itself on a peerless quality that guarantees maximum clarity in its sourcing and styling. The jewelry business can be a deceptive industry to navigate, and Barnett seeks to illuminate this portion of the process in each stage of conception. In a world of shimmering stones, it takes a special pair of eyes to locate the true diamonds, and By.Barnett’s expertise remains a cut above the rest.

Daniel George Custom Suits

With roots that honor British tradition and a distinctly West Coast level of excellence, Daniel George is an upscale fashion label that seamlessly blends timeless technique with cutting-edge threads designed for the modern man. The company’s founder, Daniel George, launched a career in fashion design in 1998 at The Custom Shop in San Francisco, earning him layers of distinction amongst fellow designers of the time. After spending three years as a lead designer and custom-clothing specialist at Alfred Dunhill in London, George embarked on a journey to create his own space for innovation and refinement in suits and formal wear. Officially introduced in 2012, Daniel George has since become synonymous with exceptional menswear and a commitment to bespoke designer threads. Based in Chicago’s artsy River North enclave, the Daniel George showroom offers in-house tailoring and custom-made suits that fit true to form. The company has become well-known across the Midwest for their craftsmanship and dedication to quality and makes regular appearances in fashion authorities like GQ, Men’s Health, Elevated Magazine, and even USA Today. In the Spring of 2018, the company expanded into George’s old stomping grounds, with a second showroom in Jackson Square in San Francisco.

Double Wood Supplements

The supplement industry is often shrouded in deception, leaving consumers with very few options to challenge their understanding of the products in front of them. Double Wood Supplements, a Philadelphia-based passion project, debuted in 2013 with a mission to correct the misunderstandings surrounding supplements by leading with transparency as a means of earning consumer trust. Might there actually exist a wellness company that delivers on their promise? Double Wood Supplements has earned a reputation as a leading voice in reliable health and nutrition with a track record to prove it, gaining support and praise from clinicians and supplement enthusiasts alike. The company believes that a healthy outside is a result of a healthy inside, meaning you ought to feel confident that what you’re putting inside your body is what it claims to be. Double Wood Supplements is backed by science and subjects their supplements to extensive third-party testing, effectively raising the standard for wellness outlets worldwide. Initially started in response to a lack of brain-health supplements available on the market, Double Wood’s line of offerings has grown to include immunity, longevity, and sleep support, to name a few. Whether you are an experienced shopper or a curious bystander interested in the power of quality supplements, Double Wood’s premium, affordable, crystal-clear products are a perfect place to start. Enjoy 20% off your first order with code HAUTE20 at checkout.

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