How Christina Kim Launched Her Korean-Inspired Skincare Brand, KIMKRIS Beauty

Business ventures known for being trustworthy, loyal, and safe for their customers rule the market. In the beauty industry, not as many promising brands work for the consumer’s benefit as you might think. But KIMKRIS believes in the slow beauty philosophy and vows to remain consistent and steady with its formulas that have a long-lasting impact.

What makes KIMKRIS Beauty unique is the ingredients they use to curate their skincare products. They introduced HMB and 2-HOBA to the skincare market, which has helped consumers work on their skin over time without using harsh chemicals that may cause adverse reactions. These exclusive ingredients are a KIMKRIS signature, and the brand takes pride in them.

KIMKRIS encourages the concept of choosing elegance and consistent results over trends that garner none. They also believe that skincare should be about quality, not quantity. Products that are consistent and of the highest quality work the best, and KIMKRIS Beauty is one brand that stands behind this slow beauty philosophy.

KIMKRIS is backed by almost 35 years of clinical research and the proprietary ingredients have been approved by the FDA. Furthermore, their unique ingredients are collagen-enhancing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidizing. They are currently the first and only brand that has introduced HMB and 2-HOBA.

The founder of KIMKRIS Beauty has researched and worked hard to create Korean-inspired skincare products. She has put thought behind each product, most of which are heavily influenced by Korean beauty culture. The founder, Christina Kim, is from Korea and immigrated to the US at the age of 15. She always wanted to formulate products containing superfoods that work effectively for all skin types.

Christina grew up with Korean beauty routines and wanted to bring them to modern America and have Americans incorporate them into their lifestyles. Living a healthy life is important, but taking care of your skin is equally important. Christina firmly believes that being a classic in a world full of trends is the way to go.

KIMKRIS has been known to source award-winning ingredients, including the 2021 Nutra-Ingredients Asia Award and the 2015 Nutra-Ingredient’s Sports and Energy Finished Product of The Year.

Their three main products, the rescue mask, refresh cream, and repair balm, work differently and target different skin requirements. KIMKRIS’s products work for all skin types, have anti-inflammatory/oxidant properties, and are cruelty-free. The effort that has gone into creating a global skincare brand has been immense.

The KIMKRIS brand has been doing remarkably well due to the attention to detail, research, and thought that is put into it. Christina has brought her dream to life by launching KIMKRIS Beauty in the beauty and skincare market. She looks forward to expanding the brand further and introducing the slow beauty philosophy to all.

KIMKRIS is an outstanding brand that relies on academia and research conducted by renowned teams. It is increasingly moving to become a top skincare brand in the West, inspired by Korean beauty culture.

Written in partnership with Ascend