Manny Garcia and Gregory Morales Build Survival, an In-House Manufacturing Brand, Without Handouts or Degrees

Although many companies subcontract manufacturing suppliers, numerous benefits come with in-house production. It is cheaper and more efficient in terms of flexibility, logistics, improved quality, lower management costs, production control, and public relations issues. Established in 2016 by Manny Garcia and Gregory Morales, Survival is an American brand that embraces in-house manufacturing.

“When you stick to your vision over time, success will follow”.The entrepreneurs started with just a dream with zero handouts and college degrees in the competitive fashion industry. Their unique urban connection is quickly propelling Survival to the forefront of the streetwear elite, capturing a new perspective in retail and design that was very much lacking in the South Florida menswear/streetwear market.

Survival Clothing has earned its reputation for being culture-forward as it strongly resonates with people’s drive to survive and thrive. It’s also becoming quite a renowned brand as it pushes for expansion. “We are quickly emerging with four retail stores in South Florida and an e-commerce platform. We now have several in-house brands, most notably Paradise Lost, THRT Denim, and Yesterday is Dead. All this happened through the pandemic. We secured space at one of the top three malls in America: Aventura,” Manny explains. They also created job opportunities for 50+ people while positively impacting people’s lives and expanding to new avenues such as jewelry, wholesale, and footwear.

Remarkably, Survival found a way not only to break trends and bring awareness to the community but also to lead their industry in product development and offer wholesale for their in-house brands to over 500 stores/boutiques worldwide. The brand also prides itself on being self-made and creating generational wealth. “We look to inspire and educate the youth and be positive examples to pave the way for more successful minorities in the community. The key is not only to survive but strive and prosper,” Gregory says.

Like any other business owner, the duo’s journey had its obstacles. However, they adapted to them in a way that defines the meaning of survival. Changing trends in fashion and ever-evolving logistics, politics, and supply chains have been challenging. “It was especially hectic over the global pandemic, but with the right team, hunger, and ambition, we were able to reach new heights that we never imagined and continue to strive higher,” Manny adds.

Gregory advises anyone aiming to start a business to begin now. He shares that many people wait until they think they’re 100% ready to start a business. They think they need investors and tons of money to make their dreams a reality. “Don’t wait! Just start, and deal with the challenges along the way. You can’t start making money until your business is off the ground.” Additionally, he urges upcoming businessmen to never give up but stay consistent, build a reliable team, adapt/be resourceful, set themselves apart, and stay true to themselves. The entrepreneur believes hard work and consistency will always beat talent and luck.

The successful pair aim to expand their retail stores to other cities such as Miami and outside the US, especially in Europe, Japan, and Dubai. They also hope to launch more in-house brands and expand their wholesale side of the business.

Written in partnership with Ascend