Emma Watson Makes Her Directorial Debut & Stars In Prada’s Newest Fragrance Campaign

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Prada

The latest feminine fragrance from Prada is here, introducing Prada Paradoxe. A scent as curious as it is comforting, this perfume represents the quintessential expression of the Prada woman in all her forms. This new product explores several themes that represent the symbiosis of contradiction embedded within the Prada brand; craftsmanship and technology, tradition and modernity, challenge and refinement, rigor and fantasy. The fashion house teamed up with Emma Watson to bring all of these themes to life through their latest campaign video, which is directed by Watson starring herself. 

Emma Watson serves as the full embodiment of the Prada woman. Starring as the new face for the Paradoxe fragrance, the British actress, activist, and artist epitomizes modern femininity while she rewrites codes for the new generation through a multi-dimensionality that is never the same, yet always authentic to her. Watson herself is no stranger to influence, having been named one of Time’s 100 Most Influential people, she works as a United Nations ambassador and has been very outspoken on feminist issues. Each of these accolades complements her body of work as an award-winning actress. With her layered nature, loyal following, and intimate connection with a deeply engaged generation vocal about change, she lives as the perfect face of Prada’s latest campaign.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Prada“Prada has always gone beyond traditional models and archetypes of conceived beauty and is famous for a femininity that challenges conventions. It’s a pleasure to create a campaign and represent a fragrance with such a profound philosophical concept and sustainability initiatives in a way that feels genuinely real and relevant,” Emma shared on her latest endeavor. 

When joining forces with Prada, Watson had a single request which was to direct the perfume’s campaign film herself. With this, Emma makes her directorial debut by creating a film that focuses on an empowered celebration of what it means to be a living paradox. The stunning starlet breaks the mold of a typical campaign muse by being both in front of and behind the lens, she wrote her own script and narrated her story. The Prada Paradoxe campaign film is Watson’s personal expression and perspective, an insight into her many differentiae in their unexpected symbioses. Watson orchestrates a dynamic symphony celebrating her every dimension – the artist, the activist, the actress, the woman – at once alive and vibrant within her, set free in the spirit of indefinability. 

The Prada Paradoxe scent redefines intense feminine sensuality through contrasting expressions. With dominating notes of neroli and jasmine, the timeless florality of a white flower bouquet is twisted with an avant-garde signature of Ambrofix™ and Serenolide™ to create an enduring trail led by vibrant warmth. This new fragrance reinvents freshness by capturing the brief floral, crispy, and fresh dimensions of the flower. 

Prada’s Paradox fragrance is now available for purchase on www.prada.com