Parlor Social Club – New York’s Popular Social Club Goes Digital

“Adapting this technological advancement has helped connect more members,” say its founders.

The world is moving towards digitization and various industries are implementing this technological advancement to grow their reach. The future will break free from the conventional methods of doing business via brick-and-mortar establishments and move towards the digital realm with full force. Sectors that have realized the huge potential it carries have already started transitioning themselves to prep up for the future. Social networking clubs have also started moving towards this space, and New York’s Parlor Social Club is one of the few which has adopted this advancement to grow its presence on a wide scale.

Co-founders Jan Cieślikiewicz and Fredrick Ghartey, who have been in the membership club business since 2011, starting off in the SoHo neighborhood of NYC, thought it was high time they transitioned their workings onto the digital realm to target wide demographics which extended beyond their place of operation i.e. New York. After working through the nitty-gritty’s of the digital world, they finally got ready to launch their own app which has turned out to be a huge success as members are provided vast opportunities in terms of venue, event type, food and beverage, and much more which was limited when they were operating out of their physical establishment.

Parlors data-forward platform utilizes technology to inform each member’s experience, which is distinct from any other social club. Members have to fill up a questionnaire based on psychologically-based personality tests as well as their social scene preferences, which helps in identifying their areas of interest and helps provide them with the best set of people and event which would benefit them. The Parlor Social Club has an elite group of people belonging to diverse backgrounds and fields, and each of them is offered the best services according to their areas of interest.

The community page enables members to meet and endorse each other for mutual benefits, whereas the interests page has 14 options for members to choose ranging from Arts & Culture and Social Impact, Food, Wine & Mixology to Health & Wellness. Events include in-person experiences at the most exciting venues in New York City, exclusive Parlor member mixers, and digitally held programming available to the global Parlor community.

Written in partnership with Ascend