The Death of a Child and The Justice System – ‘I Will Turn Up with Justice’ by Kelly Cruse

Losing a child is a pain that a parent can never move on from. One can never imagine their child, who they gave birth to and raised with every ounce of love in their being, not getting the chance to live a full life and leaving the earth before them. And knowing that your child will never get justice, that the police and the system that we have in place is flawed, makes it even worse.

That’s what led Kelly Cruse to write ‘I Will Turn Up with Justice’, a true story about the life of her daughter, Rose. An emotional read that’ll not just make parents but anyone who reads it cry their heart out and re-evaluate the world that we live in, ‘I Will Turn Up with Justice’ covers the murder of a loved daughter and mother of two children by her abusive former partner. On top of that, the incident was ruled a suicide, with the police completely ignoring the bruises Rose, Kelly’s daughter, was found covered in.

Fight For Justice

It’s not news to anyone that the justice system is flawed. But getting away with murder due to the complete ignorance of the officers investigating the case is not something that should ever happen, especially when the facts are so clear.

To raise awareness about the life and death of her daughter, Kelly covers every single detail in the book. From the birth of Rose to meeting her ex-boyfriend who quickly turned abusive, Kelly shares exactly why it’s him behind the murder and why it could’ve never been a suicide – A case that she’s fighting for even today.

Rose was a 24-year-old confident woman who would’ve never chosen death over living for her children, parents, and herself. Suicide had never been an option for her. She was resilient, fighting every battle and trying to make things work in the best way possible.

On the other hand, her ex-boyfriend, who she had broken up with just days prior to her death, had been abusing her for years and at times, had threatened to take her life away as well. So, why didn’t the police cooperate? Why did they ignore the facts? How could something that’s so blatantly obvious be neglected when talking about the life of a valued human being?

These are all questions that Kelly Cruse discusses in the book. And as much as the book covers the loss of her daughter, it is also a celebration and written memory of who she was and why she deserves to be remembered.

The world is filled with daughters like Rose Cruse that go through abusive relationships, and many are quickly forgotten. Kelly is fighting for all of them because every woman deserves better than to be killed by the man she loved the most.

The book is yet to be published and will be made available on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles in 2022.

Written in partnership with Kelly Cruse