Power Malu Partners with Cristhofer Munoz’s LevelUp Academy to Hold a Two-Day Financial Planning Workshop

The minorities spread across America are facing financial hurdles owing to a lack of knowledge about investing and saving. This issue has not been addressed rightly, the reason for their constant failure when it comes to building wealth and a secure financial future. Power Malu who is a pioneering artist, athlete, and activist born and raised on the Lower East Side of Manhattan has vowed to change the situation by supporting various endeavors which work for the upliftment of the minorities, the reason he established his non-profit organization Artists Athletes Activists (AAA), which focuses on bridging NYC communities in pursuit of a more just world. Serving marginalized and underserved families with the right resources, he has managed to do his bit by serving the low-income communities via his plant-based community fridge initiative and wellness activities, which have impacted many lives positively.

In a bid to help and educate the community, he along with Cristhofer Munoz who heads LevelUp Academy are about to host a two-day workshop at the iconic Nuyorican Poets Cafe this Memorial Day weekend. This workshop will delve deep into the subject of financial planning and teach attendees how to rightfully clear their debts, fix their credit, set up their digital wallets, create new income streams through the art of compounding and investing, and much more. Speaking about co-hosting this event, Cristhofer says, “my education platform LevelUp Academy has been empowering underserved communities with financial and trading education with success, helping them increase their income and generate investment avenues. This event would act as a perfect eye-opener for many who are still oblivious of proper financial planning. Furthermore, Power Malu has been on the field and has impacted many lives through his various endeavors. This partnership would be beneficial for many and will successfully pave a clear path for them which leads to financial freedom.”

This two-day event will definitely impact many lives believe the duo who are raising funds to provide basic food supplies to needy families, also inform that this workshop is open to anyone who donates towards this worthy cause. You can connect to him on Instagram


Written in partnership with Ascend