Reset And Reboot: The New Self Growth Book by Esmeralda Baez

While successful people are often passionate about what they do, it’s incorrect to assume they started that way. Instead, passion usually develops over time as people invest in relevant skills. And, as a result of those efforts, they find meaning and purpose in applying their talents to create value in the world. For this very same reason, we feel that the books written by entrepreneurs are the most valuable ones as they contain actionable insights and knowledge even if the books aren’t related to their profession.

Esmeralda Baez, has come up with one such book, titled “Reset and Reboot” A short inspirational read that focuses on various ways one can catalyze their self-growth and personal development. We talked to the author and she revealed why she felt that she should release this book. She said, “With what the world was forced to endure for the past two years, The timing of this  read is perfect. This book It’s a long time in the making, but If you want to create something awesome, you must take the time to do it right. Ever since I started focussing on self growth, I have become such a better human. More understanding, More aware, More powerful. For this reason, I felt the need to share my truth, so that others could benefit from it.”

The book “Reset and Reboot” consists of 90 pages and lists seven different chapters; Skin deep, Sorrow, Detoxification, Flourish, Rollercoaster, Voyage and New Beginnings. In these chapters, Esmeralda speaks about the importance of detoxing, the power of visualization, mastering the art of self care & discipline. The advantages of living a life with purpose and how manifesting has become one of the most mainstream trends. Throughout the book she shares personal stories about mental health, overcoming an illness & her thoughts & experiences on social media.

In the book, Which is currently on Pre-sale and has its official release for mid August, followed by a tour, “Baez” recounts her experiences on mental health issues and explains how she manages to stay healthy in today’s frenzied world where so many people look to social media as a source of validation. The book is positioned for people seeking help, advise or suggestions on how to live a positive lifestyle. Baez, said that she created this book to guide others on how to manage the struggles faced daily when dealing with mental health issues or when being surrounded by negative people. Her main goal with the book is to bring awareness about wellness and to help people overcome emotional challenges. She also wants to become a person of great influence, one of positivity, one who can perhaps change the way this world views people, especially women, who suffer from mental illnesses.

Reset & Reboot, will be available for purchase on Barnes & Nobles, Amazon, Walmart and Target. We are sure her book will bring a lot of positive changes among the readers.

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