Kearvyn Allan Arne Makes A Stamp On The Real Estate Industry

Mr. Kearvyn Allan Arne the standing CEO of KMAJA group of companies started off as a first generation immigrant from Haiti with the sole mission of making a stamp on the real estate industry. His background in healthcare stemming from his passion for Medicine and holding an administrative role at Boston Children’s Hospital shaped his business model.

In 2021 he decided to fully pursue his dream of becoming a real estate mogul without neglecting his love for healthcare. He parted ways with Boston Children’s Hospital and birthed the KMAJA group of companies. The first wing of the company focused on short-term rentals designed to create a safe, comfortable and conducive environment for healthcare professionals

such as travel nurses, medical scribes or interns who were in and around the Boston area. His experience studying and working in the healthcare field helped him understand the needs of mobile healthcare workers which gave him an edge to succeed in the industry.

Overtime, the hardwork and dedication of the CEO and his team had translated to timely expansions and new collaborations in various states around the U.S. KMAJA now partners with hospitality homes to provide discounted stays to patients and families visiting hospitals in its operating states.

The entrepreneurial spirit in him did permit complacency despite his various achievements. After spending several months researching and consulting, he made his way into the new fast rising digital revolution Web 3.0. As an entrepreneur with an eye for creating value, he launched the ongoing NFT project called MetaJetz which is campaigning for environmental preservation by bringing awareness to the harms of carbon emission caused by fossil fuels used in today’s aircrafts. Future plans to also merge short-term housing and the Web 3.0 are also in place.

Written in partnership with Ascend