When Art, Tech, and Philanthropy Join Hands to Support Women with Breast Cancer

There are many ways to highlight the worthy cause of cancer advocacy and support, but one of the latest and most innovative combines art, technology, and philanthropy in an exciting new way through the emerging digital medium of NFTs. The growing popularity of the digital collectibles with the unusual sounding name of “non-fungible tokens” makes them one of the most up-to-the-minute ways of supporting almost any organization or cause, and HODL Assets, Inc. — owners of the GalaxE.io digital platform — are partnering with 47 artists and two key cancer nonprofits to increase breast cancer awareness while raising funds to help the organizations support the patients they serve.

HODL-GalaxE CEO Jenny Q. Ta has been working closely with key management in two high-profile breast cancer support organizations: Living Beyond Breast Cancer (LBBC) and National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to forge a successful campaign. CEO Jenny Q. Ta, who dreamed up the 47 Artists NFT Cancer Collage Campaign, is in close communication with NBCF President and COO Kevin Hail and LBBC CEO Jean Sachs, who are both enthusiastic about the partnership and what it can accomplish for today’s breast cancer patient.

NBCF’s Kevin Hail is fully on board with the GalaxE.io by HODL approach to using the NFT Collage project to help his organization fulfill its vision to serve women who are living with breast cancer:

“Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate. It comes after all of us and our loved ones. And that’s why it’s critical that we unite our resources and ask ‘What can I do to fight back?’ I’m grateful that HODL Assets has asked and answered that question by supporting NBCF through the sale of NFTs. It’s truly a novel fundraising approach, and it matters! Because of this partnership, NBCF will be able to serve many women and their families, and we will be a step closer to ensuring that no one faces breast cancer alone.”

As for Jean Sachs, she is equally passionate about the prospect of working with the GalaxE team to fulfill LBBC’s mission of offering personalized services to its clients, based on each woman’s individual breast cancer journey, through the medium of collectible NFTs.

As she explains: “Living Beyond Breast Cancer is a national nonprofit organization that seeks to create a world that understands there is more than one way to have breast cancer. To fulfill its mission of providing trusted information and a community of support to those impacted by the disease, Living Beyond Breast Cancer offers in-person experiences and on-demand emotional, practical, and evidence-based content that is meaningful to those newly diagnosed, in-treatment, post-treatment, and living with metastatic disease.

“For 30 years, Living Beyond Breast Cancer has imparted wisdom and connection via conferences, events, a peer-to-peer helpline, and more. Today, the organization remains committed to creating a culture of acceptance—where sharing the diversity of the lived experience of breast cancer fosters self-advocacy and hope.

“We are pleased to be part of this NFT fundraising effort and look forward to learning more about how NFTs can be a new funding source for our mission.”

The NFT Cancer Collage will feature the work of 47 artists who have gifted their NFTs to the campaign to benefit breast cancer research, education, and support for the breast cancer community. Billy Markus, creator of Dogecoin is one among the list of notable names who have gifted one of his NFTs to the campaign. Two others many will recognize are Miss USA Susie Castillo and her husband, who have each gifted an NFT of their hand-drawn art to the project. In addition to these and other artists who have taken up the cause, CEO Jenny Ta and CTO AJ Bosch of the Galaxe.io by HODL Assets team with each of them gifting one of their own NFTs to support the campaign.

The Twitter accounts of the 47 artists whose works are represented in the GalaxE by HODL NFT Cancer Collage are listed below:

@BillyM2k @SusieCastillo  @NFTCryptoChicks @kromatic_coffee @EvergreenNFTs @Krypto_Kyle @QueenofDogecoin @sufisticdesignz @_rebLroy @collectarmind @0euvreAI @Superarts3 @redideo @pennylane69420 @tunicolage @Betting0nBetty @NFT_artistK @EtherPillz @artichokedart @myNFThouse @trueamericanart @AlishaAnglinArt @SpeluncaDoge @NaturaPrincesa @theFL_Viking @YoungApeClub @BeLikeShawarmah @rosh_draws @Sandytoes2211 @zenshyx @cryptoslangooor @i64StudioNFTs @shane_gilreath @0xWanderBitch @neighborhood1o1 @AtlanticApes @dahliadb @SpeakerJillB @marieladinardo @OfficialGalaxe @jqt_web3vc @aj_bosch007 @lennyshots @hodlassets, Matthew Leslie, Brian Quarmby, Yuri Lazarini, and “emosewa.”

The 47 individual NFTs will be minted on Opensea.io and the collage will be minted exclusively on the GalaxE.io NFT platform and marketplace, and 100% of the proceeds raised from the sale of the collage will be divided equally between LBBC and NBCF.

HODL-GalaxE CEO Jenny Ta, who designed and led the campaign, is happy to be able to take these material steps toward making a difference in the lives of those dealing with breast cancer.

“Most of us know someone whose life has been impacted by a cancer diagnosis — whether their own or someone else’s — so it isn’t difficult to relate,” says Ta. “In my case, it was the death of the father of a dear friend’s baby and its impact on my friend and her daughter that inspired me to create this cancer campaign.”

Jenny explains that the baby’s father had died of cancer shortly after they had conceived through IVF (in vitro fertilization). He and the baby’s mother had been best friends since grade school. And since both preferred to remain independent, they decided to become modern-day parents, foregoing the limitations of traditional relationships like dating and marriage. Instead, the two went through the IVF procedure, with the father donating his sperm to fertilize the egg that would allow the mother to conceive and carry their child to term. Thankfully, the procedure was successful, yielding a beautiful baby girl. But sadly, the baby’s father passed away from lung cancer before the child was born, leaving her with only one way of knowing her father: by hearing his story from her mother and friends.

Jenny created the campaign as a way to give back to help cancer organizations support patients while science continues to seek a cure.

The opportunity to purchase the NFT Collage piece will be open to buyers who purchase one of the original 47 NFTs from the collage. Each NFT will be offered at prices ranging from $100-$300.

If you’re interested in supporting the Breast Cancer NFT Collage Campaign, the details for purchasing the NFT Collage piece and one or more of the 47 NFTs that make up the collage can be found at https://opensea.io/jennyqta and https://galaxe.io/.

Jenny and all 47 artists look forward to joining the rest of the GalaxE.io by HODL team and brand ambassadors in what they’re sure will be a fulfilling collaboration as they join hands with NFT artists and buyers and the two nonprofits themselves to make a lasting difference in the lives of women and families who have been impacted by breast cancer.

Written in partnership with Karishhma Mago