Meet Joie Tavernise: The Skincare Extraordinaire & Founder Of New York’s Beloved JTAV Clinical Skincare

Located on the Upper East Side, tucked in between Madison and Park Avenue, is the renowned skincare spa, JTAV Clinical Skincare. Helmed by leading esthetics expert and overall skin guru Joie Tavernise, JTAV Clinical Skincare has become the go-to for New Yorkers. Tavernise has curated a skincare experience like no other from the moment guests walk through the door, offering next level skincare with science-forward procedures and modalities that ultimately help restore one’s skin and confidence. Haute Living sat down with Tavernise to understand her unique skincare philosophy and how she continues to evolve the brand. 

Meet Joie Tavernise: The Skincare Extraordinaire & Founder Of New York's Beloved Spa JTAVPhoto Credit: Courtesy of JTAV Clinical Skincare

HAUTE LIVING: Can you tell us about how your passion for skincare started? Was there an ‘a-ha’ moment where you knew this was something you always wanted to do? 
JOIE TAVERNISE: When I was a teen, I struggled to find products or treatments to help my acne-prone skin. Unlike now, there was not a ton of information available at your fingertips. I had to experiment with products and ingredients that I would find at my local stores and do some research to figure out what would work best for me. Once my acne started clearing up, I felt so proud that I could find a solution, which lit a fire in me.

When I moved back to NYC from a brief time in LA, I was already in my late 20s; I had been working as an esthetician for a wholistic skincare brand for many years, and then had a passion to start my own business by renting a room in a plastic surgeon’s office on fifth ave. My lifelong passion for skincare and my dream to start my own business came together when I decided that it was time to launch JTAV Clinical Skincare.

HL: What is your skincare philosophy?
JT: I founded my business on a simple yet powerful belief: “no two faces are alike.” No matter how many years I have been practicing, I will also keep this motto front of mind and make sure to treat each and every client as a unique individual. I always strive to create a signature experience, one that I call the JTAV Experience, for every client. I am trained in the most advanced skincare treatments and procedures available today. Still, I make sure to keep my knowledge and practice of the basics and foundations of skincare strong by uniting modern technology with traditional approaches. Whether you are a man or woman, youthful or mature, at the end of the day, we are all human beings who want to be understood and listened to, and this is especially true when it comes to a personal matter such as our skin.

HL: What are some of the innovative treatments you offer at JTAV Clinical Skincare? 
JT: I think that the most innovative and impactful treatments at our office are those that make a lasting, natural change to the skin. When we are spending time and money on treatments, it’s important that they give results. I especially love skin-tightening treatments to lift and tighten skin using ultrasound and radio frequency. It is an excellent alternative to other procedures with the same end goal but with no downtime.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of JTAV Clinical Skincare

HL: You have (impressively) built a skincare empire. How do you continue to stay on the pulse of the Industry? Where do you see it evolving? 
JT: I think that it is so important to stay curious and hungry for knowledge. When I am not working with clients at my office, I constantly research what is trending in skincare and what is on the horizon in our industry. I do this by staying relevant and up to date on social media, attending conferences and panels, contacting companies to inquire about their treatments, machines, and products, and, most importantly, listening to my clients and my team’s feedback and questions.

HL: What are your goals for the brand this year?
JT:Now that the city is back again, I have started to consider opening a pop-up. This was something that I wanted to do before the pandemic, and I am so happy to revisit the idea.

HL: Are there any skincare or body care myths you wish people would stop believing?
JT: Part of our Signature Custom Treatment facial is dermaplaning, which uses a surgical steel blade to gently exfoliate the skin and remove vellus hair, or “peach fuzz.” At first, some clients are hesitant to receive this treatment because they believe that the “hair will grow back thicker and darker.” I can guarantee you that this is not the case; the hair grows back completely the same way it was before, and in the meantime, the skin feels super soft, absorbs products better, and provides a great canvas for makeup if you choose to wear it.

Another myth I hear is that people with oily skin should try to “dry it out” and that all oils will make them break out. It may sound counterintuitive, but it is actually vital to properly hydrate and maintain balance in oily skin, just as with all other skin types. If we do not moisturize and hydrate oily skin, the skin produces more oil to try to hydrate itself. This, in turn, can throw the balance off and can actually make skin even more oily. It’s important to find a lightweight serum , oil, or SPF that is noncomedogenic for your skin type.

Meet Joie Tavernise: The Skincare Extraordinaire & Founder Of New York's Beloved Spa JTAVPhoto Credit: Courtesy of JTAV Clinical Skincare

HL: As an industry expert —  what are some self-care/skincare trends you are seeing this summer? 
JT: The “no makeup” natural look is very in at the moment. In the past, it was all about matte skin and thin brows. But just as fashion changes, so does skincare, and now we are seeing that people strive for dewy, glowing skin and full brows.

I am also seeing that people want maximum results with minimal downtime. We are all communicating over our phones and computers more than ever, and that means showing our faces when we sometimes don’t want to be seen. Gone are the days of bright red faces from chemical peels and hiding at home after a skincare treatment. We now have the technology to do treatments and procedures in-office where you can literally walk out the door right afterward and look incredible.

HL: What are your must-have skincare products? Beauty products?
JT: I’ll start with ingredients because they are the foundation of any great product. My three favorite ingredients, hands down, are SPF, retinol, and peptides. There are both luxury and mass products at all price points and formulations that contain these ingredients, so there is a product out there for everyone.

For products, my three favorites at the moment are from my signature JTAV Clinical Skincare products that I developed. The JTAV Clinical Skincare Antioxidant Retinol, Lash Enhancing Serum, and Extreme High Shine Lip Treatment each contain one of my powerhouse ingredients listed above. I truly feel that these three products make such a big difference in your overall routine. We all look and feel fantastic when our lips and lashes are full and healthy, and your skin is glowing. If this is all that you do (and add an SPF in the morning, as well as reapplication during the day).