Your New Ride-Or-Die, Taste Salud Is Pouring Good Vibes Only

Shaken into existence in June of last year, Taste Salud has become a refreshing take on the traditional Aguas Frescas found in Hispanic communities, serving up ultra-hydrating beverage powders peppered with nostalgia. Their lush line of flavors adds a little fiesta to your fitness routine, ensuring only the finest ingredients are thrown into the mix. Salud keeps it real on nutritional prowess so you can raise a glass to better health no matter where you are in life, be it a personal transformation, a healthy transgression, or, of course, at the beach. Each blend is packed with restorative electrolytes, and with Salud on your docket, a splash of hydration never tasted so good.

In just one year, Taste Salud has cemented its place in a number of markets that speak to a swath of different lifestyles, proving the accessibility of its product and how badly we need it. Founded by Josh Leyva and Tyler McCann, Taste Salud builds off the customs that shaped Leyva’s childhood. The traditional Aguas Frescas that defined Leyva’s youth were central to sowing community and well-being for neighbors and friends alike. These homemade brews are delightfully simple and full of personality, and the same blueprint is applied to Salud’s dynamic collection of familiar agua fresca flavors. Leyva sought to revitalize the shake-and-sip drink market with something of limitless value that could make noise for the silent plea of a healthy variety, leading to Salud’s expert formula of high-performance drink powders. One of Salud’s most singular strengths is the fact that every product contains only 1g of sugar, making more room for the stuff that matters, like top-shelf vitamins and minerals. Health-conscious individuals will instantly recognize power provisions like elderberry and Wellmune®, two leading ingredients in Salud’s blends. Wellmune® has been clinically proven to boost our immune system when taken consecutively, teaching our cells to react more effectively against harmful bacteria. Wellmune® is a yeast beta glucan, a naturally occurring fiber found in seaweed, oats, and barley, and because the human body doesn’t generate this type of fiber on its own, we have to supply it through the consumption of foods and beverages. Salud’s beverage blends apply the strength of Wellmune® so that we’re able to reap the benefits over time, leading to sustainable immunity. Additionally, Salud’s blends are made with hydrating coconut water powder and a bounty of fresh flavor enhancements like mango, cucumber, and cinnamon, among others.

We could all use a little more color in the pantry, and Taste Salud’s brigade of beverage flavors hits the sweet spot with ease. Their roster includes eight mouth-watering powders, including Jamaica | Hibiscus, Horchata, Pepino Limón | Cucumber Lime, Mango, Tamrindo, Sandía | Watermelon, Piña | Pineapple, and Mango Chili Lollipop. Earlier this year, Taste Salud partnered with Leyva’s friend and fellow creator Sebas Robles, host of the “La Platica” podcast, to release a limited run of their Sandía | Watermelon blend, which sold out within 24 hours of launch. Due to the success of this collaboration, the duo surprised their followers with a relaunch on June 1st, but it’s safe to assume that this blend could find a permanent home in the Taste Salud squad.

Leyva is no stranger to digital domains, having generated years of experience within entertainment and social media circuits. He is known for his warm disposition and stability in maintaining a personal wellness routine, regularly connecting with followers, and presenting a breezy approach to self-care that feels as simple and honest as the classic Horchata blend. Leyva and McCann are both based in Southern California, an appropriate backdrop for Taste

Salud to flourish. The sunny complexions of Los Angeles and the surrounding coves find their way into Salud’s supplements, yielding bright and functional drinks that bloom brightly. Regardless of the kind of lifestyle you lead, be it east or west coast, southern hills or northern cliffs, Taste Salud always rises to the occasion. Part of the charm in using Salud’s mixes is the swath of vessels one can employ, from your daily water bottle to weekend cocktails. Each packet summates a 6g punch of vital nutrients that can be shaken and stirred into a morning smoothie, enjoyed after a run or walk, or coupled with a spicy margarita. Anywhere you go, Taste Salud can be easily concealed in your weekend bag, duffle, or fanny pack for quick access when things feel slow. Oftentimes, we struggle to maintain optimal wellness and nutrition due to the hassle of procuring the ingredients. Taste Salud builds support around simplicity,

bombastic flavor profiles, and nothing but the best ingredients to keep you going on the most exciting adventures. And, yes, they’re a perfect addition to your kid’s lunchbox.

At the start of the summer season, Taste Salud is already proving to come in handy on more than one occasion. It’s like that best friend that always pulls through, coming in clutch with strong drinks and stronger bonds. Taste Salud is there for you, wherever you are, to keep the beverages (and memories) bold, fresh, and bursting with flavor.

Written in partnership with Ascend