HotelPlanner Explains How To Travel Like A Fashionista For Fashion Week On A Barista’s Budget

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Fashion Week is always an incredible time for those who are fortunate enough to obtain a front row seat to view premier designers’ latest looks. To do so, traveling around the globe is an absolute requirement. From New York City to Paris, jet-setters should be aware that this is not only a pricey time to travel, but also one where you need to choose the right hotel as soon as possible to make the most of your experience. However, if you work in the fashion business, unless you are at the top of your A-game, it is likely you are on a barista’s budget rather than Miranda Priestly’s. Luckily, there are many cool ways to have voguish fashion week, and HotelPlanner has picked some of our favorite spots to do just that.

While in New York, a Fashion Week must is The Mercer in Soho where celebrities, models, and socialites can be seen sipping espressos or martinis at the hotel’s famous restaurant, The Mercer Kitchen by Jean-Georges. Prices at The Mercer start at $660 a night for a single room, but depending on the high season and which celebrities are booked, they could skyrocket to upwards of $1,000 for a single night’s stay. Still, when on a budget, it may be worth grabbing a $20 drink at the bar to gain access and mingle with those who are fortunate enough to call The Mercer their second home. We recommend staying at The Standard East Village, which is only a few blocks away if your expense account is not endless. The Standard provides the same service at a fraction of the cost and has rooms at about $160 a night. Well-known for its downtown cool vibe, the hotel also has a great bar where bloggers are oftentimes found on laptops conducting interviews with fashion influencers.

When in France for Paris Fashion Week, the iconic Ritz Paris is where the majority of the big-time editors stay. They even have a suite named after Coco Chanel. Similar to The Mercer, the prices are expensive, starting at $1,700. But have no fear, there are plenty of other stylish hotels throughout the city of lights that have the same charm. For example, at the meeting of the 15th and the 7th district, the Eiffel Vic Hotel is a modern twist on a boutique hotel. Located close to many iconic sights of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower, the Eiffel Vic costs only about 160€ a night and has a sleek lounge and terrace that provides a relaxing haven from the chaos that is Paris Fashion Week. Other hotel options that may run you a better rate can be found on HotelPlanner’s site or via the Alexa app by simply stating,“Alexa, make me a new reservation in Paris.” Having a chic time at Paris Fashion Week has never been easier.

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If you are heading to Milan, the capital of fashion and modern design, it’s imperative to be close to the Duomo and stay at a hotel with sleek style. ‘Barista fashionistas’ will not be able to remain within their budget staying at The Bulgari Hotel, which was Franca Sozanni’s favorite hotel during Fashion Week. So, to obtain an equally authentic Milanese experience, the Senato hotel, a residence of the Ranza family, is a deal at about 200 euros a night and is listed as one of the best places to stay in Milan. Just a few blocks away from the nicest shops in town, the hotel is a designers dream and can provide a lot of inspiration with its marbled floors and soothing black, green and gold shades. There is a delicious restaurant within the hotel, but a must-see for any fashion week traveler is the café within the Prada Foundation nearby that opened in 2015. The retro café is the perfect location to enjoy an Italian pastry at your leisure.

All in all, there are so many different options to explore when traveling the globe for Fashion Week in major cities. There are also great ways to enjoy these major metropolitan cities at the highest-level while being frugal by marching your stilettos over to the hottest hotel in town and grabbing an espresso in their lounges to recharge. Knowing the “it” spots is 100 % most important!