Meet The Unconventional Artist Sculptor Roman Feral

Art is a world of its own where emotion is shared. Few have visions and talents to touch people’s hearts through what they create as an artist. Capable of doing just that is visionary artist Roman Feral. Known for his sculptures combining iconic items from luxury brands with real butterflies that appear to take flight into timeless works of art.

Artworks by Roman Feral at Galeries Bartoux Miami

Photo Credit: Werner Romero

French-born sculptor Roman Feral always had inclinations toward creativity and innovativeness. Armed with his talents as a sculptor and creative mind he decided to take the leap into the art world and devote himself entirely. His art quickly made a great impression on collectors and professionals. Today Roman Feral’s sculptures are on the global map showcased across the world in major cities in the most prestigious galleries.

Photo Credit: Werner Romero

Roman has made his presence felt not just in the art industry, but also in other fields that he loves, including fashion. CHANEL acquired one of Roman Feral’s artwork and is showcasing it in their private collection.

During Art Basel, Miami 2021 Galeries Bartoux exhibited his collection and revealed one of his latest sculptures a year in the making titled “Hermes Birkin Croco”. This piece was molded from a genuine Hemes crocodile bag and cast into solid bronze with his signature illusion of butterflies that appear to be flying out of it. The result is breathtaking. Gathering crowds around it the masterpiece instantly went viral across social media platforms. Also drawing attention from Celebrities such as Jordan Belfort “The real wolf of wall street” who purchased one of Roman Feral’s sculptures.

Photo Credit: Werner Romero

Hermes Birkin Croco Bronze by Roman Feral

Photo Credit: Werner Romero

The artist commented, “I have been working on lots of new collections, projects, and collaborations that I am excited to release this year.”

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