5 Companies Angel Investors Should Heavily Consider This Year

  1. WET Hydration

An acronym for “weaving everyone together”, WET Hydration officially launched in 2020 by Las Vegas native, Spencer Altschul. The company prides itself on functional wellness locally and nationwide, having just recently integrated into a multitude of markets across the country. The anatomy of WET Hydration is as minimal albeit impactful as its sharp design, packed with premium flavor and truly functional ingredients that propel optimal health. Their line of drinks is void of sugars and calories, yet contains an incredible flavor profile. It’s not just a refrigerator staple, the bottle’s appearance is stylish enough to carry with you all day. WET Hydration pulls inspiration from the vibrancy of Las Vegas, as every flavor works to build a better version of yourself. At its core, WET Hydration is more than just a beverage company. What truly makes the brand stand out is the company’s mission, rooted in community. When people work together, incredible things can happen, and in a similar vein, WET Hydration unites its premium ingredients to craft perfectly balanced beverages that teach us how to look and feel our best. Building a strong network demands harmony, and building a strong co-pilot for the next adventure simply requires a twist of the cap.

2. Roll

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite creators? Whether it’s content, digital, influencer lifestyle, or the many markets of creativity, all creators have a story to their success, and you can be a part of that. A new mobile app, Roll, is putting the power in the hands of the fans through a digital platform that allows users to connect and collect original content from their favorite icons. Launched by Erik Zamudio and Tara Electra, Roll allows content creators to maximize and monetize their brand by sharing unused content with their loyal followers, the price of which is invaluable. Engaging with artists at the personal level opens the floor for exciting discoveries and a chance to see what lives beyond the digital domain, granting access to their camera roll, in a sense. In a short period of time, Roll has generated nearly 200,000 users, with no signs of slowing down any time soon. Currently, in their soft launch phase, Roll is working towards version 2.0 which will introduce new mediums for creators to share content with their fanbase. The camera roll is a sacred space where our most intimate and personal moments go unnoticed, and Roll is peeling back those layers for better content and better connections with the creators who matter most.

3. The Spoke

Say hello to the future of recommendations, made possible by The Spoke, a community-driven mobile app that’s making your next move a whole lot easier. Launched in 2021 by Tulane University graduate Tom Stern, this dynamic service is a critical tool for the curious at heart. It is The Spoke’s mission to connect the world through culture, uniting crowd-sourced quality with adventure-seekers at your fingertips. The app provides a space for picking up suggestions and recommendations from people you trust on the best food, entertainment, and activities in your area, easily drawn from a carousel of options that suit your preferences. Similar to the archaic tradition of requesting suggestions on Facebook, The Spoke is an improved approach to making plans with a purpose, so you can spend more time making memories and less time scrambling for a decision. The Spoke excels in transparency and clean design, allowing users to easily locate the next best move by sharing starred lists with friends and family so everyone can make an informed decision together. It ushers in a new era of communication that’s streamlined and focused on celebrating good times on the first try, omitting the guesswork, and putting the power in your hands. Users can drop reviews, make suggestions, create and build a list of favorites, and sync up with their crew to solidify weekend plans. The Spoke is pioneering a frontier of fruitful culture, activating a new level of hunger we didn’t know existed until now. So, what’s the next move?

4. HLC Events

Live artistry is a timeless treasure that can’t be stamped, etched, or replicated unless it’s a keepsake. HLC Events, an expansion of the Hellhound Leather Company, deals in professional memory making that far outshines market competitors, which are very few. Gavin and Jennifer Ambrose, co-founders of HLC Events, set out to supply authentic craftsmanship for special occasions in 2021, cutting into a service that’s rarely been explored professionally. Through their old-as-gold artistry, HLC Events elevates the hallmark moments in life by providing a tangible takeaway that spectators can watch from conception to final press, leaving your guests with a warm token of thanks that they’ll cherish for years to come. Based in Utah, the artisanal craftsmanship behind HLC Events comes from a tight network of local creatives dedicated to their communities. Through these networks, HLC Events is employing timeless art forms in the growing frontierland of marketing, leading a new form of engagement known as experiential marketing. Their services range from glass engraving to leather stamping, supplying the most unique, highly-coveted party favors that guests will remember for eternity. HLC Events is the latest and greatest in memory-driven experiences and is fully equipped to elevate your next chapter to memorial status, handmade by true labor of love.

5. The Heart Company

Kristina Rasmussen and Imke Norden lead with their hearts, and as co-founders of the lovelorn beauty brand, The Heart Company, they bring a whimsical sense of passion to their work that speaks louder than a love song. Their approach to self-care rides the wave of honest compassion, as they deal in premium quality REMY human hair extensions, fragrances, and skin creams designed to embrace your authentic self. Their social media celebrates the beauty in every kind of woman through rose-colored glasses, while their products are thoughtfully crafted in heart-shaped vessels that carry vegan perfume and hair accessories. Each piece is meant to amplify your unique beauty routines rather than replace them. The new fragrance line, “Your Perfume Lovestory”, features six unique scents that read like Valentine’s Day charms, with names like ‘Me Time’ and ‘Kindness’ in a bottle, and with every purchase of these love potions a portion of the proceeds are given to The Love and Kindness Project Foundation, a grassroots movement that channels empathy and sincerity in the world. Their latest release, ‘Wedding Love’, arrives just in time for the season, sparkling with notes of vanilla and white musk. The Heart Company is dripping with sweet and sultry indulgence, and their words of affirmation and luxurious approach to self-care remind us all to stop and smell the roses once in a while.

Written in partnership with Ascend