Meet Kyra Vargas: The Trailblazing Design Director Ushering in a New Era for Women in Construction


The construction industry is traditionally male-dominated, with the few women in the sector limited to desk, design, and secretarial roles. This lack of female presence in the construction world has contributed to the many challenges in the industry, making it extremely difficult for women to establish their place. However, this has not stopped Kyra Vargas from reaching the top. Kyra has defied all odds to cement her spot in construction, and she is now ushering in a new era for women in the industry.

Kyra is a well-known Creative Director and the CEO of one of the leading Interior Design companies, Handled Interior Design. Kyra Vargas has also worked on various projects as a Project Manager. She says that her goal is to create a better place for women in construction, showing others that it is possible to build a thriving venture even as a construction worker.

Kyra Vargas is breaking the gender stereotypes in the industry and showing fellow women that they can do a “man’s job” and still excel. She is creating a community where it feels normal to have women on a construction site as she encourages other young dreamers.

According to Kyra Vargas, construction and design is something she has wanted to pursue from a young age. However, with very few women to look up to, Kyra felt like her dream was too big. She explains that every time she could walk past a construction site, Kyra could always say to herself that she could never do that.

As a woman in the construction industry, there are countless obstacles, from people looking down on you to the increasing pay gap, says Kyra. This makes it hard for women to join the space, considering how the industry is quick to say “men on-site,” and the women in the field have few to guide them. Through sharing her journey, Kyra aims to empower other women as she changes the face of the construction industry, showing other female entrepreneurs that no goal is unattainable.

Kyra notes that while the construction industry has greatly changed and there are few more women, unlike some years back. That being said, there is still a lot that needs to be done to close the current gap. She believes that the best way to get past this is by building a community of women in the industry, which is something she is looking to achieve through her company.

Kyra is helping others in the industry see that it is not a competition of men versus women, but it’s all about breaking through the current barriers and making a positive change. Kyra says that her dream is to one day build a house or work on an entire project with an all-female crew from Electricians to Plumbers and even General Contractors, breaking the gender stereotypes in the construction industry.

Written in partnership with Ascend