Making The Deal: How The McPeak Team Is Turning Out Properties With A Personality

Real estate has evolved dramatically within the last decade, just in time for the hypermobility we’ve experienced recently with buyers and sellers alike. Property arts have expanded into the realms of web3, content creation, entertainment, and experiential marketing, arguably positioning real estate as the most relevant, innovative chameleon of the century. A transformation of this scale demands a colorful brigade of experts who can navigate a number of landscapes, effectively serving and shifting the industry to reflect our society.

When we talk about aggressive expansion, Sean McPeak and his team come to mind. The quintet is comprised of some of the biggest names in real estate, and McPeak leads by example through creative strategies that sculpt his interpersonal zest. In November of 2020, building off years of success in luxury markets, McPeak joined SERHANT., a sterling authority across New York City and its surrounding enclaves. Upon entering the SERHANT. group, McPeak immortalized his place among the greats when his team secured the 2021 Inman Golden I Club Award for “Best Sales and Marketing Campaign for a Luxury Development”, which recognized their unique and unconventional campaign strategies. This kind of esteem is typical of McPeak, who is known for his panache in breathing new life into quiet listings. Playfully dubbed the “Expired Listings Doctor” by colleagues and friends, McPeak has the capacity to drive seemingly dormant properties into the light, as was the case with an Upper East Side sleeper, listed at $8,795,000, which was cleared by McPeak in just 46 days after coasting with a previous broker for 416 days.

On May 4th, McPeak had the right conversation with the right person who has the kind of personality needed to excel in the industry. Content creation has always been a part of McPeak’s palette in savvy real estate strategy, and he met his match with Madison Sutton, the alluring social media influencer bringing elevated luxe to New York’s busiest listings. Sutton is an expert communicator who has positioned herself as the leading voice in real estate markets over the last three years, utilizing her platforms to boost exposure and educate followers on the nuances of real estate. Known by her social handle, @TheNYCAgent, Sutton generates millions of views across Instagram and TikTok, placing high-profile properties in front of a massive audience. A true New Yorker at heart, Sutton pours a lot of attention into cross-stitching the real estate markets with other complementary industries like technology and content creation, resulting in a dynamic force that reaches a myriad of audiences. Her addition to the McPeak team completes an already robust powerhouse, and her first point of action will be introducing her content creation techniques to the team’s latest listing at Morgan Lofts.

Digital currency has quickly become the highest form of validation, pushing brands and businesses to conduct themselves online as much as they do in person. It’s not just about properties anymore, as people crave an identity and a lifestyle to connect with. Better still, real estate is an exciting market to observe from a distance if you’re not ready to run with the wolves. The industry has moved into entertainment spaces, drawn up in reality shows like Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing” and HGTV’s “Property Brothers”. This adds another layer of value to the work, inspiring both trade professionals and potential investors to build a face around their properties. The expansion of the McPeak team deepens their growth into lush corners of digital engagement and creative content, taking the team from a broker brigade to a fully-fledged creative agency, inviting necessary change and development for the betterment of our neighborhoods. On Sutton’s personal channels, she frequently combines real estate tips and tricks with know-how on New York’s social scene. This contemporary styling of an archaic industry is what keeps Sutton and the McPeak team fresh and far-reaching in real estate, dressing a familiar shape in surprising ways that always seem to churn out results.

McPeak consistently stocks his reserve with compelling partnerships and networks that diversify the real estate market, such as the union between McPeak and Something Good Hospitality. The New York-based supper club routinely whips up highly-coveted dining experiences peppered with elegance and innovation, demonstrated by their recent event in support of providing aid for Ukraine. This alliance between McPeak and Something Good Hospitality is an ideal match and the first of many collaborations to come. Such a braid leans into McPeak’s ethos as an agent in reviving the community aspects of real estate that have become dusty in recent years, and where many firms are scrambling to clock their numbers before making time for their clients, the McPeak team is rooted in stellar communication and continues to prioritize contemporary community growth.

What can we expect from real estate? And, further, where can we find the bohemian vigor that keeps the romance alive? The answer to both of these questions rests with McPeak, and the humanity of property growth is more imperative now than it ever was.

Written in partnership with Ascend