Dream Hollywood Launches First Hotel NFT Membership Program, Social Club


Dream HollywoodPhoto Credit: Dream Hollywood/Chris Fulcher

Luxury, lifestyle boutique hotel Dream Hollywood unveiled its first-ever VIP membership program, Social Club, purchasable through a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in the form of a limited-edition, original Perry Cooper NFT artwork. The membership blends unique experiences in both the real world and in the metaverse.

Dream HollywoodPhoto Credit: Dream Hollywood

Membership perks are exclusively tied to the NFT, which include bespoke metaverse activations, private events with the Crypt Gallery, the creative minds behind the NFT gallery exhibit at a the property, access to the Gunnar Peterson Gym, poolside lounge chairs at the Highlight Room pool, an expert concierge, co-working spaces, use of the Lincoln luxury house cars, and more. Members also receive a complimentary one night stay in a luxury suite, as well as up to 10% discount on hotel rooms, up to 10% discount on weekday poolside cabanas, and other discounts on all event spaces, including Tao Group’s Los Angeles venues.

Dream HollywoodPhoto Credit: Dream Hollywood

Perks of the Social Club are active for one year, and purchasers will retain the NFT long afterwards. Further, members can sell their NFT at any point during the year, which would actively transfer all membership benefits to the recipient. Dream Hotels plans to launch a similar membership program at Dream Doha in Qatar, the brand’s first foray into the Middle East, following its opening later this year.

Dream HollywoodPhoto Credit: Dream Hollywood

For the NFT, Dream Hollywood commissioned acclaimed NFT artist Perry Cooper. A British 3D motion graphics designer based in the US, Perry is known for creating playful animated loops that provide a satisfying new spin on everyday objects and experiences. The concept was to create a ‘Concierge of the Future,’ where viewers venture into the mind’s eye of an avatar, revealing futuristic versions of Hollywood. The concept showcases the convergence of the real world and the Metaverse, much like Dream Hollywood’s Social Club marries in-person activations and the digital realm.

Dream Hollywood is located at  6417 Selma Ave, Hollywood, 90028