Viktoria Fox Is Reshaping The Fashion Industry and Empowering Women Through Her New Clothing Line

Style is where self-confidence and clothing intersect. It is how people choose to express themselves to others through their carefully curated outfits of the day. Style is personal, particular, and distinctive. In the words of Coco Chanel, “fashion fades, only style remains the same.” 

Brands help people develop into their ideal persona through their distinct identities. Versace can be identified by its Medusa logo, bright colors, and flashy patterns. Someone wearing the brand might be thought of as ostentatious, fun, outgoing, or wealthy. As opposed to Chanel, which can be identified by their mirrored and intertwined letters ‘C’ logo, neutral colors, and well-tailored designs. A person wearing Chanel might be thought of as classy, elegant, or chic. 

In choosing a brand to wear, it is important to know the characteristics that they hold because they too will no doubt be reflected on the person wearing them. Trends are ever-changing, but never definitive of one’s personality.

“It can be tricky to avoid the pressure of blindly following trends. The real trick is to stop putting clothes and styles into categories. I’d often find myself saying things like, “Yesterday I had a very minimal 90s off-duty style, but today I have this colorful Y2K vibe going on. Why can’t I just pick one?” But that’s it – you don’t have to. I pull small aspects from the trends and the looks I love, and then I make them my own. The last accessory is confidence. I find that when I approach a look this way, it keeps it original, but still on trend,” says Sky Haarsma, creator of The It Girl Guide, a fashion and lifestyle blog for Gen Z.

Perhaps one of the most challenging but exciting aspects of personal style is deciding which of our many personas we want to take on for the day and how we can showcase it. No person is one singular thing, we each have different roles and interests that play a huge part in choosing how we dress. The choice can lead to morning ensemble decisions being more difficult for some rather than others. 

For example, at only 25 years old Viktoria Fox is a model, actress, businesswoman, entrepreneur, and new resident of Newport Beach. She is a woman who wears many different hats, literally and figuratively. She has tons of style options for when she wants to be identified as a model, actress, businesswoman, and entrepreneur, however, she wants the natural beauty of Newport Beach to shine through. 

We certainly can’t blame her as the Orange County city boasts radiant sunshine year round, sand, and surf. Harbors filled with yachts and departing sunset cruises. Beaches are lined with tanned surfers, swimmers, fishers, and fitness buffs. But it’s not just the weather worth talking about, as Newport Beach also holds among the world’s top dining and wine tasting experiences. 

Much of this has led Fox to create her own fashion brand for a very specific type of woman. The brand is Newport Bitch and the woman is glamorous, sexy, bold, and elegant with a touch of edge. Fox has a passion for beauty and empowering other women and has incorporated both into her brand. 

“There are many coastal hotspots in America, but Newport Beach is definitely the crown jewel. Unlike her more subdued East coast rival at Martha’s Vineyard, the Newport woman commands attention. Everyone knows who she is.” says Fox. 

Whether she is going on a morning coffee run, shopping around the promenade, or dining seaside, you can guarantee her outfit will exude class and elegance just as the brand does. 

While Newport Bitch is still in the early stages of development, Fox has goals of making it a world-class brand. Unapologetic and avant-garde, everyone can be a Newport Bitch, even if they live on Martha’s Vineyard. It’ll give the east coasters a good excuse to ditch their Vineyard Vines and whale hats for a more elevated look. 

Soon women all over will be able to select the perfect Newport Bitch attire from their wardrobes to showcase their Newport style and sophistication. 

Written in partnership with Ascend