Trainer To The Stars Gunnar Peterson Shares His Secret To Getting The Summer Body You’ve Always Dreamed About

Gunnar PetersonPhoto Credit: F45

Gunnar Peterson is a name that everyone in Beverly Hills know. This personal trainer to the stars (including the Kardashians, Mike Tyson, and Rebel Wilson’s dramatic weight loss) — who also happens to formerly be the Los Angeles Lakers’ Director of Strength and Endurance — is promoting a new type of workout: F45. This global fitness community specializes in innovative, high-intensity group workouts that are fast, fun, and results-driven. Here, we spoke to Peterson about why he’s such a fan and how to get that summer body you’ve always dreamed of.

Gunnar PetersonPhoto Credit: F45

There are so many different workout programs here in L.A. Why did you become involved with F45?

I joined F45 because I believe in the product. It’s effective. And most importantly it’s comprehensive. It addresses all of the major pillars of training and it’s accessible from day one to any demographic. I want to be part of something that has that kind of potential.

Why do you think F45 stands out in the fitness world?

F45 stands out in the fitness world because of the detail that goes into the programming, the variety of tools used in each workout, they have 2 coaches on the floor not one, and their tech. The technology used to follow the workouts is like nothing else out there. Audio, video, in real time, and easily visible. Incredibly friendly to any member from the seasoned fitness freak to the brand new never taken a class nubie.

Why should it be a go-to for LA gym-goers?

The reason F45 should be a go-to for LA gym-goers (and gym goers everywhere!) is because it’s efficient. F45 values YOUR time which means you get more out of your life. Our programming includes cardiovascular workouts, strength workouts, and hybrid workouts. And for the record, the ‘45’ is for 45 minutes. Everything is done for you except getting you to the studio. Maybe that should be the next venture?! Uber F45?! F45 ride share?!

Gunnar PetersonPhoto Credit: F45

How does living in L.A. inspire you re: health and wellness?

I think LA sets the tone for health and wellness for a number of reasons. The climate is incredibly inviting. The entertainment industry attracts people of all shapes and sizes and there is a premium at the highest level for being in great shape. People in LA are also open to trying the next new thing in health and fitness, be that some form of holistic morning energy shot-regardless of taste, or the newest fitness trend/craze/fad, which is why so many of those fitness concepts go on to mainstream greatness after launching in LA. It’s easy to get onboard when everyone is involved to some degree, it makes it fun!

What are your three top tips for health and wellness?

My top health and fitness tips would be: 1. Be consistent. 2. Do something all the time instead of a ton of it every now and again. 3. Have fun with it. If you legitimately enjoy it, you will rarely miss. 4. Bonus tip: LOCK it in your schedule. Make the start and finish tip firm. Like a kid school drop off or a doctor’s appt.

Are there any true fitness “hacks” or is dedication and hard work truly the way?

The closest thing I have seen to a fitness hack is taking an F45 class 4, 5, 6 days a week. It’s so well mapped out, you’ll be floored by the results.

Gunnar PetersonPhoto Credit: F45

What are the top questions/goals of your celebrity clients?

Usually people want to be more defined and able to see the separation in their muscles. Really what we are talking about is a reduction in body fat. And that, takes us right back to consistent, efficient training, and some dietary guidelines.

How important is diet? What are three foods we should all stay away from?

I have a nutritionist friend, Philip Goglia, who says it’s 80-20 diet to fitness. I say it’s closer to 50-50 if you are relatively dialed in. But one codicil; if you are talking about the last few pounds until you feel ‘perfect’ or reach your goal weight, I would say it’s probably closer to 70-30 diet.

What are three foods that help to enhance the F45 workout?

Three foods that will help enhance an F45 workout would be a clean protein source (salmon, egg whites), quality complex carb (yam, quinoa), and water. More water than you think you need!

Gunnar PetersonPhoto Credit: F45