Lux Algo’s Uncanny Accuracy Makes It The Top Vendor On TradingView

Lux Algo is a next-generation crypto trading tool used by over 35,000 traders. By using visualizations on TradingView, the app aims to make trading smarter. Cryptocurrency and fintech are vast industries with a steep learning curve. Lux Algo was designed to turn confusion into clarity with real-time data and insightful charts. Since its inception in April of 2020, Lux Algo has quickly gained trust among its large user base on the world’s top trading platform TradingView.

This extensive toolkit is the brainchild of founders Sean Mack & Alexander Friend. Mack is a Boston-based entrepreneur with an extensive background in social growth, visual arts, SAAS startups, and technical analysis. Friend is based in London with a formidable computer science background, including electronic warfare systems and sorting algorithms.

The last piece of the puzzle fell into place when TradingView introduced the duo to Alex Pierrefeu, aka ‘alexgrover,’ one of the company’s 18 Pine Wizards. Specializing in digital signal processing and time-series analysis, Pierrefue became the lead developer for Lux Algo as he is the talent behind the app’s technical indicators.

In less than two years, Lux Algo has generated $10 million in revenue and has built up a customer base of over 35,000 users. Here is how they set themselves apart to achieve this tremendous success in such a short amount of time.

Premium Status on TradingView

TradingView is the world’s #1 charting platform for traders & investors, but it doubles as a social network. Traders look for more powerful tools to make informed decisions, and Lux Algo delivered that. By creating all-in-one indicators, Lux Algo became the most trusted vendor on TradingView with unheard-of speed and the largest community of its own.

The Lux Algo Discord Community

Lux Algo is the only official Discord Partner in the technical analysis industry. Its server is populated by 50,000 traders & investors. This large community is an analysis microsystem with members exchanging invaluable information that further adds to their success.

Optimized Signal Settings

Thanks to the brilliant contributions of its core team, Lux Algo is an industry leader in premium technical analysis toolkits. The software is based on the concept of working smarter rather than harder. Automated alerts fine-tune the other components of the Lux Algo toolkit to home in on thousands of alerts and updates. This feature presents a clear understanding of the elegance and effectiveness of the entire ecosystem.

Real-Time Notifications

Sophisticated scanners and bots mean that all notifications are in real-time, a critical aspect of trading. The automation relies on non-paint signals to ensure all information is as current as possible. Even a second too late can mean a monumental financial loss in the trading world. Lux Algo was designed to mitigate this with its in-depth analysis designed to keep a step ahead and not fall behind.

Around the Clock Support and Updates

As the trading world never sleeps, neither does Lux Algo. Time zones are not a concern as the tool works on any global market, including stocks, indices, forex, currencies, and commodities. Timeframes range from one week to one minute as the software is fully customizable. These factors are why Lux Algo offers 24-hour support seven days a week and active product updates.

Despite being a highly sophisticated program, Lux Algo is as user-friendly to beginners as it is to veteran traders. Easy-to-follow tutorials are included to set novices up for success, and the Discord community is another excellent engagement hub. After all, Lux Algo was built on the concept of powerful tools + education, and that applies to all users. If knowledge is power, this luxury software is primed to offer its customers the potential to change their financial futures.

Written in partnership with Lux Algo