Fashion Marketing Dressed For Success With Brandon See and Digiceptual

Navigating the fashion industry is a game of who’s who, knowing where to turn at the right time. Having a co-pilot to guide a light during fight or flight can save time, money, and frustration as the fashion markets continue to billow out beyond our reach, especially with the advent of digital design and makers, almost exclusively, taking to the cyber domains. In a field that is forever spinning on its axle, getting some insight from the right people can make all the difference in a sink or swim scenario, and someone like Brandon See, co-founder, and CEO of the fashion marketing consultation firm, Digiceptual, is leading the future of self-expression down a more efficient path that yields stronger, more durable results.

Launched in 2019 and based out of New York and the Netherlands, respectively, Digiceptual deals in performance-based marketing solutions that ride the waves of See’s preemptive success in the business, pushing self-sustaining strategies to the forefront so designers and creators can support themselves through smart, tested techniques. The firm’s signature model, known as Kinetic Scaling, pulls from over five years worth of experience working in the fashion D2C markets, designed to grow your brand across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok exponentially. This unique strategy scales fashion brands to 7-9 figures and promises to drive brand growth intimately and with sharp attention to detail from See and his boutique team of professionals. Fashion marketing demands creative approaches to traditional systems, and as we enter a renaissance of artistry that incorporates a patchwork of digital assets and cyberspaces, we need a pair of trained eyes to find opportunity and lock it down.

See’s approach to performance-based marketing is a highly personal practice fully supported by past experiences. Having grown up in New York City for most of his life, See was exposed to the energetic personalities of the fashion capital of the world, observing the creativity in hotbeds like SoHo and the exhibitionism of New York Fashion Week. Witnessing this culture first-hand groomed See at an early age to be able to identify the smart strategies and keep an eye out for marketing trends. Before launching a creative agency, See and his CMO exited their own brand for seven figures before answering questions from fellow entrepreneurs on their proven tactics in smart advertising. For See, however, it isn’t just about ads, because branding and modern marketing require so much more than fluffy exhibitions. Digiceptual strives to offer guidance and consultation on creative strategy so that brand growth is not only aerial in return but orbital for long-term expansion. Each client and their brand are incredibly diverse and unique, and as such require a fluid approach to marketing techniques that reflect their individual grind. The success of See and Digiceptual has generated plenty of praise from national publications like Rachael Ray and Entrepreneur, thanks in large part to their commitment to smart, savvy marketing that breaks down conventional barriers in the name of evolution. Fashion is consistently changing and taking a new shape, and thus requires a certain level of innovation and courage to take necessary risks. Additionally, Digiceptual aims to strengthen relationships between themselves and potential clients so trust and transparency are baked into the project. In short, See and his team wants to overstep the misperception that agencies work under nightfall and keep partnerships at arm’s length. Digiceptual is here to help you grow, and they want to be with you every step of the way.

See expertly employs years of dynamic engineering in the design of his practice, pulling from various elements that inhabit social media quarters, sharp advertising, marketing highways, and creative direction. In 2022, Digiceptual is anticipating double revenue growth in their markets and welcomes the possibility of private equity and investment in a couple of years. Presently, their focus is tailored towards women’s fashion, working with explosive brands like Hell Babes, the sizzling rebel line of female apparel, and Roucha, the dreamy lifestyle brand. Beyond their roster of clientele, Digiceptual intentionally keeps the list relatively small in order to maximize personal counseling with each brand, implementing action-based tactics that reap conversion rate optimization. For many aspiring entrepreneurs, the fashion industry feels increasingly closed off and demands a password for entry. When it comes to Digiceptual, the secret is simply in the fabric of the firm’s identity, and the culture they choose to foster with each client. Innovative marketing techniques are the salt of shifting earth, and the experts of Digiceptual are manufacturing a network of creatives that redefine the rhythms of conventional fashion that is decidedly modern and cultivated with style.

Written in partnership with Ascend