“GENESIS,” ANKH’s First Fashion Collection

The digital revolution has begun but how do we dress in the Metaverse?

Let ANKH help you write your own fashion story. 

A new generation fashion brand issued in and for the Metaverse, ANKH is excited to announce the release of its first clothing line with a collection of cutting-edge wearables designed for our digital environments.

The first drop entitled “Genesis” proposes a selection of 15 eclectic Menswear and Unisex silhouettes, completely executed in 3D. They have experimented with dystopian shapes and silhouettes inspired by the flair of a 90’s kid mixed with the bohemian cool of the 70s and the nostalgia of Y2K aesthetics.

Digitalization enables them to break physical limitations and freely explore materials, cuts as well as textures. Yes, sensory textures, even in a virtual environment, with lustrous satins, sharp leathers, ribbed velvets, and distressed denim as well as furry, wooly, and fizzy fabrics… Oversized and deconstructed forms enhance the contours of urban travelers willing to reveal a touch of poetic quirkiness illustrated by vegetable motifs, flower appliqués, 90s smileys, edgy accessories, and numerous hints to ANKH’s symbols.

Voluminous jeans dialogue with supple and tubular jerseys, glam-rock flared trousers with tailored chic, while puffy, almost wobbly, coats and chunky sneakers add a youthful and subversive touch. Earthy and vegetal tones meet acid reds and playful pastels as relaxed fits, and streetwear staples lead the game.

ANKH has defined the wardrobe of nomadic explorers, an amalgam of an eco-warrior expression with that of a rave scene utilitarian embodiment. A peaceful anarchy for an innovative dialogue between reality and virtual.

ANKH’s aim is to remodel the way we understand design and the digital world to create a new sphere in which our cyber clothing will help cultivate our virtual identities and self-expression. To make fashion for the Metaverse is to bring the mastery of creation in the service of the digital world. By redefining the codes of fashion, we are choosing to bring inspiration and vision into the future. Imagination is the limit.

In the Metaverse, you can design a brand new you.

Written in partnership with The Luxury Lifestyle Magazine