Champagne Telmont’s Dedication To Sustainability Earns Second Straight Cannes Nod

Champagne Telmont will be in Cannes, yet again, for the 75th edition of the International Film Festival as the official supplier.

Photo Credit: Champagne Telmont

Throughout the two weeks of celebration of filmmaking creativity, the House of Telmont looks forward to sharing the winemaking creativity with which it imbues into the conception of its cuvées. Champagne Telmont regards this honor and recognition from the festival as a sign of support of its meticulous winemaking efforts, as well as its ambitious “Au nom de la Terre” (In the Name of Mother Nature) program which sets out to produce high-quality champagne, while causing the least amount of impact on the natural environment as possible.

“We want the festival to be exemplary in terms of respect for the environment,” said Thierry Frémaux, General Delegate of the Cannes Film Festival. And Champagne Telmont combines a demanding elaboration process with the preservation of nature. This singular approach, adopted by the 100-year-old house, and the unique character of its champagne, won us over. We are thrilled to have Champagne Telmont onboard for another year.”

Photo Credit: Champagne Telmont

Ludovic du Plessis, President/Shareholder of Telmont House commented, “Being ‘selected’ once again reinforces this honor. It’s a testimony that our message has been heard, that we have ‘won over’ our audience. The House of Telmont is immensely proud and happy to be present at Cannes once more, to transmit its passion for cinema and its commitment to the Earth.”

Ludovic du Plessis

Photo Credit: Ludovic du Plessis

It is no secret that Telmont is all about sustainability. With this in mind, it would only be natural for the esteemed champagne House to follow Ludovic’s mentality in believing that the best packaging is no packaging. This dedication to ecological awareness and sustainability aligns with advocates the world over investing in the champagne house. Leonardo DiCaprio made headlines earlier this year after becoming an equity investor in Telmont, further cementing Telmont’s efforts toward advocating for sustainability.